My system in use need help

When is it best to start topping plants all inside, what do most use for fertilizer when to start taking bang leaves off for more light to under flowers. Let’s go with info


If you plan on topping i would make sure there are at least 5 nodes. I don’t top often, but when I do I usually wait until there are 6-7 nodes then top back to 4th or 5th.

Any of them will work if used properly. Jacks popular here because of low cost and plenty of experienced users to help with any issues.

Usually after you have flower sites developed. Couple weeks into flower.

I usually do some type of manifold so I wait until it has 5 or 6 nodes and then top above the 3rd node.
When to fertilize is dependent of the medium… If coco or peat, basically when the cotyledon leaves tell you it is time. Soils - when it is depleted. Again depends on the soil being used.
I hold off removing fan leaves as long as I can. If not in flower, mostly lower and center stuff to open up the plant and soil. Otherwise, defoliate pre flower, 3rd week and 5th week of flower