Flowering Stage Leaves Dying

Hi All,

First grow and post here. Seeds were planted in a small cup within a 24 Quart, 16 Inch pot. Lights were 6400k with 18/6 lights from Dec 1st through March 1st (+/-) then switched to 2700k and a 12/12 on the lights (last 3 weeks, approx). PH was at around 6.5 with the water and Foxfarm Ocean Forest. I haven’t added any nutrients and assume this is why the front plant is starting to have leaves curl and die, but I wanted to get some experienced opinions before I start panicking and adjusting everything where the slowing has begun. It seemed to begin when I switched lights.

Thanks ahead of time for the help and taking pity on a beginner

Ticket info (best of my understanding)

Strain; Bergman's Gold Leaf (fem)

Soil; Fox Farm Ocean Forest

System type? N/A

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? Ph roughly 6.5

What is strength of nutrient mix? No mix, just water and Fox Farm

Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor

Light system, size: A little less than a 4 x 4 framed box with plywood walls.  Agrobrite FLT28 T5 Fluorescent Grow Light System, 2 Foot, 8 Tube

Temps; Usually 65 or so in the day, 60 at night, 55-60 when colder

Humidity; N/A

Ventilation system; No

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: No A/C, but a fan that reciprocates 24/7

Co2; No


If you haven’t added any nutrients yet, it looks like they need a bit of nitrogen. If you have changed the lighting schedule, you’ll want to give them flowering nutrients also.
Congratulations on your first grow, and most of all welcome to ILGM!
When responding don’t forget to use the @ in front of their name so that person gets notified. @bruhaha69
We all want you to succeed to from start to finish, so don’t hesitate to ask questions, if one of us doesn’t know, we can tag someone who knows. Happy growing!


I think they look great all natural whats going on with leafs when they start to droop they pull right off or let them fall off but awesome job


Thanks for the replies @Hogmaster and @Covertgrower . The plant in the front seems to be having the worse time of the two. I’ll try adding a bit of nitrogen/flowering nutrients in.

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@Hogmaster @Covertgrower Is it cool for me to update this thread with new info or is it best to start a new one?

Before I added blooming nutrients (used foxfarm big bloom liquid, 1/2 cup in a gallon of water), I noticed some rust spotting on the previously healthier of the two plants. I watered with the nutrients anyway and it seems that plant has some extra yellowing and rust spots, as well as some darker spots on the leaves. Buds are definitely still growing, though. Is this a calcium issue? Should I use any dolomite or let these ride out since we’re probably only a month - 1.5 months from harvesting (I hope)?

@bruhaha69 you’re good for updating here. They do Look improved since your last pictures. Nice recovery.
Are the leaves in question older leaves? Once they’re damaged they don’t come back.
The reason I ask is because the leaves in the background look great.

@Covertgrower Those are not brand new leaves, but I’d say from the last month or so since the lights switched for flowering. These two are much newer, close to the top of the plant:

It looks closest to potassium deficient. This happens often while in flower. Beastie bloomz would solve this. From Fox Farms. @bruhaha69

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LL good information - Remember just about every one over-feeds- their plants remember " Less is Best" when it comes to nutrients. You should consider doing some "defoliation - plant look at bit cluttered, this will also help growth

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Me personally I feed it as scheduled per directions on nutrient full strength pH 6.5 I’m usually with a new range of 6.3 to 6.8 my leaves do the same thing just stay on schedule if it gets a whole lot worse is when I start wear me personally I feed it as scheduled per directions on nutrient full strength pH 6.5 I’m usually with thing range of 6.3 to 6.8 my leaves do the same thing just stay on schedule if it gets a whole lot worse is when I work on it by then it’s harvest time

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just remember when you see an issue you are all ready 2 week behind in fixing it - flush and “ride-it-out”., your plant is OK -just over feeding it like we all do at times !!! PEACE


Post revival!

So We’ve been in the flowering stage since March 1st and my friend is getting anxious and wants to harvest. It looks like it may be a bit too early still, but I’m also starting to worry since it’s been so long and we’ve ridden these yellow leaves out. The front plant has no amber trichomes and still many clear ones, while the back plant (the one with more yellow fan leaves) has some amber, but still plenty of clear trichomes. What do you guys think we should do at this point?

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I would wait till those clear trichs turn cloudy. Shouldn’t be too long, maybe a week. Check it daily.


Looks like I’m having a similar problem . What do you think? I