Need some guidance, 4 weeks veg

ILGM Gold Leaf
4 weeks veg
4x8 tent
6’’ fan with temperature/humidity controller
FF ocean
7 gallon pots
Using ILGM nutrients

I havent had really any issues at all until now.

Ph 6.2-

6.5 and steady

Am i not using enough of the nutrients?

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Welcome to the forum.

Your plant is fine. Don’t worry about the lower leaves. The plant will eventually shed them.

Is this runoff or what is going in?

Do you know your runoff PPM?


I collected run off from bottom of the raintech bags and it is 5.5

It should be 6.5. You will begin having problems with nutrient absorption if you don’t get it corrected.

What soil are you using and do you know your runoff PPM?


Fox farm ocean forest with 10% ff happy frog

I see now that you are using FF OF. It will correct to 6.5 with a good flush down to 300 to 400 PPM.

I expect you also have PPM problems given your dark leaves.

Makes sense, i thought the same with the dark leaves, flushed late last night.

Did you flush down to 300 to 400 PPM? Less is ineffective and will not correct pH.

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Ill have to confirm when i get home.

Girlfriend told me very tip of leaves seem a bit white if that helps at all and curling down slightly

Leaf tips will burn with excess nitrogen. Curling leaves is often caused by an improper pH.

You’ve caught it early since all that seems to be affected is the lower leaves. Get the pH and PPM corrected and the plant will be fine.

Runoff pH should be in the range of 6.3 to 6.8 and runoff PPM should be ~1,000.


Thank you, ill update in the next few days.

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It happens. I wouldn’t worry too much about it unless a lot of the leaves are turning yellow. I have some of that on my autos, they are budding up nice. I adjusted the pH and checked the nutrients in the run off. I was over doing it a bit. Didn’t hurt in the long run.


To much first you should have started with Foxfarm Happy frog then at flowering stage switch to ocean starting off they don’t need so many nutrients so your soil is considered “TO HOT” just my opinion but that’s why I personally think you’re getting that burn. How’s your pH level’s?


I also had 2 separate pH issues, to much alkaline constant 8.0 twice first time brewed a pot of coffee and mixed one cup of 300mls to 1 Gallon of water, or 1Tblsp white distilled vinegar to 1 Gallon of water worked twice for me if you’re having a pH issue…


100% ph issue, flushing has limited success.

Dolomite lime top dress?

Any help welcome newbie

Everything great, got my probes and have adjusted ph successfully with dolomite lime. Plants in first week of flower and as hungry as can be!!!

Thank you all for the help!!!