Leafs Changing During Flowering

Hey all! I am on week 6 of flowering and starting to see some of the leafs changing. Should I be concerned or is this common during the later parts of flowering stage?

This is my first grow, no nutrients used.


You need some Cal/Mag and they need fed. Just not N looks like to much already.

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What medium are you growing in and the PH of your water? Definitely a calcium deficiency which comes with a magnesium deficiency usually. Autos or photos, doesn’t matter just curious :love_you_gesture:

I am using Fox Farm Happy Frog, water PH is low 6’s.

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You are going to need to supplement during flower if using HF. There simply isn’t enough in that soil to last through a full grow. Flower looks to be a little small for 7 weeks and the bulk of your leaf issue is normal. Plants need a fair amount of P and K to get to the end game.

Out of likes, agree with @Myfriendis410

Thank you for the info! Any recommendations on which type to use and what schedule to follow here at the end?

Ideally the plant would have seen the salts it needs several weeks ago. There are products like Fox Farms Beastie Blooms, General Hydroponics Liquid Kool Bloom, dry Kool Bloom, and any number of others. Run no more than about 800 ppm and PH to 6.3 to 6.8. You will want to do that for a couple of consecutive waterings and watch for flower growth. It may be more of a learning experience for this grow. You’ll get a yield but you can learn from the experience.