Flowering immature plant

I’m just wondering out of curiosity what would happen if I flower a immature plant…?

Would she start showing and flower immediately?
would she grow like in veg until maturity and only then start flowering?

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She will grow to sexual maturity and then flower. There is at least one grower here that grows 12/12 start-to-finish with photos.


From seed to flower?

If you have seeds and space why not… might be pretty productive…

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That sounds like the cheat code for lots of fresh herb all year round. LOL

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There are places on earth that have a 12/12h schedule naturally all year round…


Colombia is on the Equator and the only way to grow big plants outdoors is to use a ‘gas lantern’ technique: around Midnight lights are turned on over the fields for 1/2 hour which tricks the plants into thinking it’s a longer day.


Eat your heart out discovery channel.
I learn more stuff here than any episode of “How It’s Made”.


lucky boss is not arround just made me lol in the office…

@Myfriendis410 these arent ganja fields are they???

Supposedly commercial cannabis fields. You might find the episode of ‘Weediquette’ that went down there: interesting show.

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Honestly, unless you are breeding for small batches, what would be the point of going through germination, seedling, early veg, veg, preflower just to bud out a small plant? Pointless… just grow the damn thing. Get a mom plant going and clone the snot out of it… that way you dont have to wait until it reaches sexual maturity… its already sexually mature… just flower it! :blossom:

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Whats the shortest time period from cut to flip with clones? 3 weeks… mine barely rooted after 2…

They will start to flower without root mass if given opportunity.


@dbrn32 is right, they are mature as a clone and can flower immediately. However, its not ideal to ask a plant to make flower if the roots are not capable of uptake or support.

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@Cannabian What minimum time in veg is ideal for a clone?

Depends, if you are doing a sog grow I would think a few weeks from planting would be lots.