How young can you flower?

A question from a fellow grower:

Here’s a question for
you how young can i put a plant into flowering, or should i put it this
way how many nodes or pairs of true leaves must be on the plant before i
can flower,right now there are 5 sets and it’s only 6 inches tall, this
is an indica plant, can tell by the shape of leaves.
Can you answer this for me or is it to stupid?

I would think this type of answer is all user based. How big do you want the plant to get? How much space do you have to grow? How much time do you have to grow? Etc. I’ve read some people sprout seeds then as soon as the true leaves form they go straight to 12/12. I’m assuming they are doing some form of sog or maybe just wanna pump out plants quickly? Who knows, but the beauty of this plant is you can experiment however you like, and then tweak your growing to fit your style/needs/desire. I chose to go with 1 plant, due to limited grow space, I mainlined it, and it vegged for 5 weeks before I flipped to 12/12. Happy growing!

Yup i agree, that pretty much sums it up.


I’ve read of people planting a some seeds and putting them straight to 12/12, even before they sprout. Method is called 12/12 from seed. Yields are less but they harvest more times per year I think, or something like that.

Personally I think that it doesn’t matter because the plant will keep stretching until its big enough to carry flowers. You could flower literally at any time, it won’t kill the plant but it could produce small harvests unless you have many plants.

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12/12 from seed is only a good idea when growing predominantly Sativa strains. The idea also calls for smaller pots; To limit root growth.

You do not judge when to flower by counting nodes. From seed; Never flower before 4 weeks of vegetative photo period, or you will not have any significant yield at at all

Normal veg time is 6-8 weeks for plants from seed. You start counting weeks when the plant has 4-5 alternating nodes. This is when you would feed them nutrients at about 400ppm. :slight_smile:

Clones can be flowered after 2 weeks of Veg. This is approx. 4 weeks form propagation

my plants are 4 weeks out from seed my Auto blue dreams are flowering already. they are only3-4 nodes high at 8".
I’m sure I screwed up on day and nights lights getti ng them confused? all the rest of my plants are ok. What canI do ? Help

I am going to try some Auto Flowering my next grow. I have been reading a lot about growing Autos and most sources say that you should give them 20/4 or 18/6 for their life. You really so not have much say when they flower. Some start pretty quickly. You can switch to 12/12 but most recommendations I have seen say 20/4 is best for Autos. 12/12 seems to be counter productive from what I have read and gotten from conversations.

If you are growing regular or Fem seeds, it is entirely different. They need a photo period of 12/12 to spur flowering. Hope this helps some.

Good grows and Great Buds to you always.

Right on Tex!

I am doing my 1st auto grow with the always popular WW auto. ( I got these genetics, so I could answer all your questions better)
10 days in they are at 1 nice node and leaves, and roots already coming out of the rockwool cube.

1st few days ubder 24/0, then I went to 18/6 to get them to get up a bit. The 19/6 allows more root stimulation I think! :slight_smile: Allowing for a taller plant and more yield. We will see.

I am feeding with a tsp. Liquid Karma per qt. spray bottle. I mist the cube and apply a film of solution on the bottom of Prop. tray. Removed humidity dome a couple days ago, after going to 18/6


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