When to flower?

I count 6 nodes on my plant, but it is bag seed and I want it to grow quick and start my next grow. Not FIM-ing or topping, but if it’s a she and she looks good, I am thinking about super-cropping.

I also saw one of the regular growers mention using 18/6, then 16/8 before 12/12 - making it flower more quickly - but there was no timeline to go with those switches.

With that basic info can I get some opinions?


More grow info here: Whodat's 'Merica" hybrid ;), if needed.

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By theory gradually lowering the light schedule would shorten the amount of time that flowers started to appear from when you get to 12/12. Never done it, so I’m not sure if the overall time would be any shorter or not. Others leave their plants in 24 hours of dark before starting 12/12 that supposedly does the same thing. You can always give it a try and see.

You can flip whenever you want. If she hasn’t been vegging for 3-4 weeks she probably won’t show flowers right away regardless. After that, you’re really just increasing or decreasing yield potential by veg times.

There was a post from one of the moderators on here just yesterday describing what he does from a lighting perspective… essentially making incremental changes every week or two until he’s down to 12/12… I’ll see if I can find it (don’t hold your breath).


I saw it - asked him about it - never responded.

There’s time. That’s why I’m asking now. Just starting week 2

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Somewhere on here I found a found a “grow schedule for soil growers”, and luckily I saved it to a word document because I can’t find it again. It shows an 8-week grow schedule, 2 weeks of veg, the switch to 12/12, then about 3 weeks before pistils pop.

So I guess the question is, if I do 16/8 for week 3 then switch, would that do anything?


Best thing to do s take a clone, and flower it Immediately to revile sex. Takes 2-4 weeks depending on strain. Males show first most of the time, so pay attention. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

I have one plant going, so no prolonging the misery, I’m just flipping the whole plant. No sense testing, and wasting time on the rest of the plant if…

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This is why I don’t grow or even allow bag seeds into life. There not worth the trouble. I spent over 3 months growing bs males one at a time 5 in total. Then I found out how to order fem seeds online. I’ve been cutting clones for months now and there getting better every time.

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6 nodes is more like when to top I may be confusing in my lighting schedule but also I veg my plants longer than it would sound I rotate so usually a plant going into flower is 2-3 months old or since cutting :wink: Your plants will grow almost exponentially in veg if topped a few times and given an extra couple weeks once everything is dialled in. Roots established etc keep in mind they produce the energy they need to grow so as they get larger they gain more and more momentum able to get more energy and fuel more growth. An extra week in veg can add up to an extra 1/4 oz or more if they are happy


True story @Donaldj

Explained perfectly, and in my particular bag-seed grow with good seeds waiting in the wings (and no room), I want this plant to grow happy, healthy, and efficiently… time wise.