How long do the plants stay in veg before entering the flowering cycle?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Hello there,
We just ordered some auto flowering seeds of the White Widow and the Blueberry and I have a question on growing them. How long do the plants stay in veg before entering the flowering cycle?
Also a question that does not relate to the auto flowers; if I forced a plant into flower on an indoor grow where there is 12 hour light then put it outdoors where there is 13-15 hours of light, would it have any negative effects on the plant?
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Now, if their not auto flowering plants there is no limit as to how long you can keep them in flower.
But the auto flowering plant you have no control over it’s flowering. She is geniticly programed to flower it’s not if it’s when no telling.
As far as the switching from m12/12 to 13/15 is a no no…you can’t and should not interrupt her light cycle or you mite just regret it…sorry

Hope this helped


If u r new to autoflowering here are some tips that will help not waste your seeds. Auto flowers do not like to be transplanted so if u do not want to start the seed in its forever home get it in it no later than seedling stage. An auto flower will do its thing if you put it in a window and water it like a houseplant. With that being said it also would give u a very small yield that way. Use all of your growing knowledge on the auto and forget the fancy stuff like scrog or fim and grow her like she’s meant to be grown. You pay extra for those seeds Bc they are supposed to b easier and less time consuming. Enjoy your grow you can get great ladies from an auto if you treat her right.



Thank you…That was well put…



My autos seem to average around six weeks in veg, and then another six weeks in flower. That’s a rough average as strains will vary a bit.

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Growing 6 different auto strains, right now. This is my first auto grow.

They all started flowering at 3 weeks from seed.

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I will have to agree with @blackthumbbetty
Here and most autos will flower 3rd or 4th week from seed otherwise all good advice and ill shadow @garrigan62 and welcome you to the forum
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Your seed bank will usually quote you an average sprout to harvest time for autos.

For photos, we use 18/6 and then slam them into 12/12 to force them into flower. But outside they actually start to flower with 10 hour nights. Normally that happens around August 1 or so. If you put them out now, they might start flowering but not finish because nights are getting shorter. Then they would reveg and flower normally starting in August.