First time grower- need advice- potential tent overcrowding

First time grower. Would appreciate some advice from experienced growers on this forum. I think my girls are doing great, looking very healthy. Here’s my growing details:

Tent is 3x3x6. Growing in coco/perlite in 3 Gal fabric pots. Have 4 plants- 2 each of Durban Poison and LSD (feminized, photoperiod). Plant training included quadline manifolding and LST. I also used minor and strategic defoliation during the vegetative stage. After six weeks in Veg, four days ago I performed a more substantial defoliation and flipped my lights to 12/12 cycle.

My concern is whether my tent will become overcrowded as the flowering stretch kicks in and what I can do if this situation occurs. Do I have too many plants for this size tent? If there’s too much crowding should I just prune more to open up the plants for better air flow and light contact?

The photos were taken today. Thanks for your advice.


i grow autos and ive had 5 in my 4x4 and shooting for 6 now but I’ll let the photo growers answer this. welcome to the community and were gald to have you. Happy Growing

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Welcome Capn !! Looks like you’re doin good so far !! Everything you mentioned is a concern. I have 2 Black Widow fems in 4x3.5 closet. They got big. Not much stretch, 30” (250w)but they are bushy. A lot of defol to keep air moving and of course, had to throw 2 autos in for shits and giggles. Just keep doin what you’re doin. Measure everything you put in them !!! PH and PPM !!!
Keep it simple. Especially first grow.
Im in soil with Jacks 321. First indoor for me.
Its goin well so far….

Good Luck Capn ! You got this !!


I have a 3x3 and often had 4 photoperiod plants in 5 gallon bags in there. You will have to pay attention to height. I rarely, had a plant double in size during stretch. However, a GPD was 12" at flip and twenty one days later it was 35". I am glad I have a 7’ tent with an external fan and filter. Still had to supercrop her. I never had a space issue otherwise.
I manifold so I like the quadline. I suggest removing lower secondary growth and limiting the number of upper secondary branches to cut down on crowding.
Your plants look good nicely shaped. If I see crowding or leaves being a light hog, I bend or remove the leaves. And I remove a lot of growth tips so they don’t become tiny buds.


very interesting conversation I had yesterday, I heard Derek Gillman has control of these forums i told him about the misinfo that sent to me yesterday, I got the ball rolling, the old man reminds me a lot like Kyle Kushman

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As a grower still in his first year, 3rd grow I agree with everything above. I grew 5 in a 4x4 my first time, 4 the second time, and 2 filling up the 4x4 now close to harvest. I would suggest heavy defoliation every 3 weeks or so and any tiny branches not getting light just get rid of. Keep air circulating and exchanging with fresh air. You are in the right place, you are doing the right things, and most importantly asking the right questions. Your girls look good, enjoy the grow!


no clue who he is. has no relevance to topic. keep on point or find a different platform.


Dude, no one here is going to buy this line and no one is impressed with an attempt at name-dropping. Quite the opposite. If you believe someone here is passing bad information, then simply correct the “misinfo” with the correct knowledge in a tactful manner and move on.


I grow autos and i have three in a 60×60×160 tent

Dont worry i have plenty of room for them capt trips lmao

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Thanks. Nice looking buds!!

Thanks beardless! Feeling better about my space. I did a little more “thinning” this morning so I’m sure I can manage any crowding as the girls mature. Take care.


Welcome to the neighborhood :grinning:


They’ll expand to fill their container. Just depends on how long you veg em. I’ve grown 5 in my 3x5 and right now I’m growing 5 in a 5x7. They’re just bigger than when they’re in the 3x5.

When they’re close together they know it and won’t bush out as much.


Welcome to the community ! Plants look great may get a little tight but very doable. Good luck

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do you even bother reading about these forums? THC talk is sponsored by mars hydro thcfarmer Spiderfarmer , I even read about this 1 as well, what is the point to brag in these forums you chase away the new growers etc, this is a forum for new growers that read studied & watched ganjiers, but there’s forums called contests to go into for that

Who’s bragging, majority of experienced people here will give good advice in a friendly and tactful way. The one thing you will see here is, new growers being amazed that they are not ridiculed for their lack of knowledge. BTW Midwestguy has been one of the leaders here with helping newbies and definitely isn’t chasing anyone away :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


well said @Bulldognuts.


Hi, I do three plants in 3 gallon bags in my 2x4. Tight squeeze but if you flip soon enough not a problem.