1st grow started great, now?

First post, First time grower using LSD autos in indoor tent. Started out great, but cant seem to keep these from stretching!
Been trying to educate myself as much as possible on basics, but now need advice. Lol. I will try to include as many details as possible about my setup.

IPOW 3x3 tent with 100w led light the came as a kit. 4" exhaust fan and filter. Tower fan inside tent with a humidifier.

Using FF ocean soil in 3gal. Fabric pots. Been using the standard 3 FF nutrients 2x weekly and RO water PHed to 6-6.2. Also adding 5ml. Cal mag to every 2 gal water for watering.

Seeds popped from soil 3/30/23. I cant remeber exactly, but i think i am week 2 since signs of flower.
Stopped the cal mag in the water, now using 1/2 tsp. Of veg+bloom Shine to 2 gal resivoir of RO water daily watering.

Been on 18/6 light schedule since they are autos.

Problem i am having is i can not keep these things from stretching. Light is at 3/4 power but had to raise it to the top of the tent with zipties. Now i have had to move the light off to one side to keep the plant from growing into it. It has now reached the top of my tent. In the pot in is measuring about 5 feet tall!! I am thinking it my be due to heat stress since the are times where the temps hover at 90°. I live in AZ. so it has been very tough to keep the temps down!

What can i do to get them to stop stretching and continue to flower? Are they duds at this point?


On my tall girls I felt it was worth the sacrifice to cut the top off, I know people have mentioned tying them down.


Sorry bro but a 100watt light isnt enough… i would def upgrade.


This compounds the problem. The light in underpowered to flower cannabis to begin with and dimming the light makes the plant want to stretch more to reach for the light it needs.


Thank you!!! I was using a lux app and thought it may have been too much light. Apparently not, but lesson learned.

I will try cranking the light to max output and pushing the tops over. :grimacing::thinking:

Should I try going to a 12/12 light schedule with these autos or keep it 18/6?

Get you some string and start bending them over asap.


You aren’t going to have very good yield or flower structure if you don’t replace that light. Even at full power they aren’t strong enough, sorry to say.


With an underpowered light I’d be more likely to set it to 20/4 and let her eat up as much wattage as she can.