First time grower! I made bonsai clones. ! Need advice on when to flower this jungle ! Its complicated

Hello. Me again. I recently had to do another toe down on my clones and they are extremely bushy but but not overly tall

Og chem dawg and purple mimosa.

Og chem ar approx 1 foot from soil at highest top ( of unbent and grown natures way would be easy 2 feet) from bottom of pot is 20 inches
Purple mimosa about 18 inches out of soil. From bottom of pot 27 inch

I never flowered a plant before and do not want to bush or grow to large for my tent. I have a 4 x 8 by 6 and a half feet tall tent. 8 inch exhaust. 2 lights. 4 for flower (added reds) so has anyone ever created. A bonsai plant like this and when shoukd i flower ! ( ie. I dont know what will double in size)

Also. Should i untie when i flower ? I dont wnat them to reach to high.
Also i got the sickly and almost at point of sever neglect. Including pics of begging when i acquired them. To now. 3 weeks later.


Above pics are from begging of my grow with clones and the lst.

Processing: 20220929_193118.jpg…Processing: 20220929_193115.jpg…Processing: 20220929_195617.jpg…

Above here are the mid grow pics. Andthe finals now. All that green tops from 5 plants. But im lost because not a conve tional grow. Hard to google advice.

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Uploading: 20220929_193118.jpg…
Uploading: 20220929_195614.jpg…
Uploading: 20220929_193314.jpg…

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This is that stickly clone att he top


Hello OK to assume theyre photoperiod plants right, not autos? It looks like ten plants, whats the goal, sounds like you want to flower two of them but not all? Or correct me if I misunderstood

Hello. Yes they are photoperiod clones. I wanna bud them all at once just dont know about when. I dont want really tall. But i would like bug dense buds. I see pictures of this online and wondering. Can i achieve this if i budded them rn ?

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They are due for water soon. I took to weighing pot and they were just dryed than watered and held 6 lbs hr after watering. They now hold 3 lbs over an empty pot weight so prolly 2. 3 days rdy for water. If i can achieve a similar out come with my plants as i shared of the goole results i cld give them flower nutes and flip the light. Since just had a regular watering cycle ?

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Id love to get 10. To 15 ounces of dry flower. That would be amazing.

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Just 5 plants. All those bigger clones. The babies are in theyre own tent rn.


What I’ve seen since joining here - it looks like people can haul a half pound (8oz) from a 4x4 tent with some skill and work and good equipment. Often 2 or 3 or 4 plants. A bit more experience and people are hauling way more. Your goal is reasonable.
With five babies and five adults, I wouldnt know what to do with 4x8 feet of space. I would want to divide into two spaces, a grow side and a flower side. I use a baby room, my nursery. Can that be done?
Some of them babies look pretty young. When theyre a month old let them flower with the adults, go to 12/12 then. That’s what I would do if I had only one grow space. Maybe somebody will come along who had juggled many plants in different stages. Happy growing and good yields to you! :shamrock: Welcome back to the happy growing forum!

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I have a second set up for babies now. And they popped out if seeds into seedling Sept 1st. About month ago. I’m wondering if the plant being so short n small is ok to still bud out kick the oic I showed from Google?

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I would make them bud now. Comparing your Sept 12 picture to the Sept 30, you’re doing very well. They look about the same size as these…

That was one month old, July 1 to Aug 1. I flipped the lights less than a week after this. Theyre nearly done flowering now, I expect two ounces a plant, of very hard tasty buds.

Any you have way better equipment then I do!


Oh wow. See ty. That’s what I needed to see. Was a pic of when someone budded and what it looked like after. Since this is my first. My seeds are 4 weeks total since sprouting. I’m doing the bergmans nutrients for the seeds and it said 2 seedling. 4 veg and 8 flower. But looking at your outcome. I don’t think I can go another 2 weeks in veg with my size constraints. I am going to have to bud them really soon just don’t wanna do it to early either lol. Hard when you never did It before

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One more question. Are those hybrid ? Wond if that’s average stretch or the super stretch.

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My small tent a have a 3x3 with a kind 330w individually controlled extra ir and uv in it to add at end of flowering

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Grape Ape 90% indica. They went from around 16 and 18 inches to about 22 and 27 inches. A little more than half-foot stretch. This is one month after flip:

Here is a few weeks later…

The third one stayed much shorter…

I’m smoking the yellow one now. Born July 1, smoke before October!

and yeah they are heavy, sticky, resinous, smelly and potent. Even though I cut one too early.

They look amazing. How much did you get off that yellow one your smoking ?

So I can expect maybe a stretch to where they reach where my lights are hung rn ??