Jesters. Bonsai clone grow journal ! 10 plants ! And seedlings! Just started flowering

So i figured id come and start a journal to get some help if needed. I notice a few names mentioned alot in the threads ive been reading and would love any and all advice !

Ill try and catch this up sensible as i can

Tent 1
3x3x6 foot. ac infinity cloudlab 733 tent
4 inch ac inifity fan. 204 cfm
Kind 330w light with seperate uv plus ir channel for flowering
One oscilating ac infinity s6 fan
(Currently running a reg 9 inch fan in through door to keep humidity down also )

4 ultra bomb cookie x cumble cookie ( i think thats what he said ) in the tent( will go to 3 for room when they get to big if needed )

Tent 2
4 x 8 x 6 and a half foot yield labs tent
8 inch ac inifiniy fan 800 cfm
2 mars tsw upgraded 2000 2022 led lights (used for veg)(330 watts from wall ) added 2 blurple 600 watt missyee for flowering
2 stationary 6 inch fans
2 oscilating 6 inch fans. One grow buds. Ones ac infinity so 4 total fans.

Ill add each grow seperate and try and keep it in order. To catch it up last 35 days

I added to the tents as i went. Started with all 10 plants and than had to expand due to size lol

Large tent and clones

September 2nd i got the clones and seedlings popped out if the soil and got first true leaves

Clones were dry. Stunted. Mimosanwas 2 feet tall and sad. Og chem about a foot and little happier butbstill sad. 2 og chemdawg #1. 1. Ogchemdawg #2. 2 purple mimosa. 5 clones total.

I watered and transplanted immediately ( had just tap water ) and started lst 3 days later. Heres pics of leaves and lst

September 5th pics above

Transplanted into 5 and 7 gallon fabric pots


September 7th. They started loving thier new home( if this was an abused animal i feel like this is when theyed start trusting me to feed them )

September 10th. Really feeling comfortable.

September 10th seedling also looking good. 1 clear leader leonardo. ( 4 turtle and splinter)

I put 5 seeds into a papertowel … had 4 pop immediatley. And 5th (splinter) popped 4 days in. He also didnt start to grow for 3 days but caught right up to the other turtles. Barring leonardo ( he still s beast )

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Ive kept my lights at 12 inches. I have removed drivers and hung outside tent.

1x or 2 x temp rose to 82 for hr max. Than sat at 78 -80 until seedlings got little bigger than switched to 76-78. Mainly 78 perfectly during lights on. 70 for lights off. Hit 66 once or twice.

Humidity also is controlled perfectly and started at 70. And lowered to 50 slowly as i vegged for 4 weeks. Now sits between 50 and 55. (60 maybe watering days at night but usually 55 to 58 at night rn )

I was unsure of waterings and started weighing pots so i could judge lifting pots accurately. Weighed 10 lbs no plants. When pla ted and soaked weighed about 16 to 20 lbs. And when dried out to 11. 12 lbs id water again. I watered from 7 ro 5 days for seeds. And from 5 to every 2. 3 days now for clones. They thirsty.

Sept 20th seedling pics above. Seeds are lively. Clones gor sad again when started grpwing. I believe my vpd was off bad. (78 temp. 58 hunidity ) and over watered. Sept 20th clones below.

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September 24th. Clones loving now phd water and better watering schedule after a dry cycle. Seedlings also sprinting.



I than attempted fimming ( dint look like it worked on any of them )

But boy did they start growing huge leaves. On sept 26th they got thier own tent and here is a nuckle i got from lst when i mad a boo boo

Threw in the clone pics on sept 26th.

I trimmed some fan leaves and couple little bud spits on bottom that were hidden.

They all enetered flowering.
Clones on oct 3rd

Seedlings oct 5th above pics start of 12 /12

Below are current today pics of all flowered plants

I checked ec and ppm and one seedling was 4.0. I flushed until 1.8. All other around 1.6 to 2.0 and ph perfevt at 6.5 gi e or take .2 on every plant.

@Docnraq ive seen you on a few posts and have alrdy had a few good people message me. Ima try and tag them also. Any bites or advice would be lovely and greatly appreciated. I may have missed a few details but can answer any questions if needed.

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@ChaddyDaddy. Hey man. Appreciate the help. Ive compiled most of it into this thread so i can tag if any issues arrove easier etc and to let tgise who gave me helo fillow along if wanted

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@ShockDog. Hey man. Appreciate the tips. I made a compilation to keep better track and add any issues or weed porn if grow goes well lol.


Question … read to only defoliate 10 percent if begginer. And thia first time i ever tries to grow weed. Smoking for 20 yrs …

So i did 3 days before i fliooed to flower. And since in flower. I renoved few more leaves. Shoukd i trim up the bottom ? I sont want to take away from flowering but would love tasty frosted buds.


Bro. I am of the “lop and chop” persuasion. I damn near lollipop my plants. I do it incrementally though. A little here, a little there. By the time I am into the flowering period I’ve removed all of my large fan leaves and then some. Don’t be shy.

This is from my last grow.
This is a pair of Acapulco Golds that I defoliated.

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Hell yeah, bro. I’m so glad I could help. Hit me with those frosty bud photos when you got em. And I know you will. :call_me_hand:

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One more for giggles.


Yeah thats what im afraid of. Doing to much now almost a week into flower.

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Love your weed porn. Cant wait to see nugs myself !

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I have th
E ac infinity controllers. And my temp. Humidity and vpd have ran 90 to 100 perce t in paramaters so far.

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Another question tho. Looks like lower temps at night increase terpenes and color etc. Im getting to 70 at night. Is that ok for early flower ? Should i worry about lower temps toward end of flower or whole time ?

My wofe told me everyone we knowngrows shit weed. Its all “homegrown” and 8 yrs of nothing good
and cant wait to see what i mak. Hipefully im doff lol lol :laughing: im really looking to knock her socks off so looking for best i can do

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70 at night is fine, man. I have heard and seen the same things about color variations being brought on my low temperatures (I had a purple punch that only became PURPLE punch when the low outdoor temps hit).

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Thanks for tagging me in. Love the big tent! I upgraded to a 3x3 from a 2x2 and still not enough space for my ambition. Im not sure even a 5x5 would do…never can have too many buds.

You totally can, if thats what you are feeling needs done I say go for it. Worst case you learn from a mistake best case you learn from success. Its a W no matter which side of the coin you end up on.
Most common response to that question would be wait until 2nd week of flower to defoliate. You seem to have well in hand but Ill drop this tip out there anyway. 1)When defoliating, you never want to take more then 1/3 total leaves in a single session. Haircuts are considered a “High Stress” technique. 2) since it is stressful it is recommended that you defoliate and feed on the same day. Plants eat their stress so to speak and it will help her to have nites available and in suitable quantity.

Im jellyfish, I only have their standard fan control and it has none of the bells and whistles. Tracking your grows metrics is pro status!

Color yes, terpenes no increase BUT, terpenes are fragile and evaporate quickly in minimal heat. I argue though that it cant be too much because there are several outdoor growers in AZ who have made great claim about the taste and smell of their plants. It gets pretty dang hot here in the summer so how much stock can you put into a belief like that. Sometimes the “science” gets in the way. Sugars on the other hand, sugars will increase your terpene production a grdat deal. Adding 2 tblsp unsulphered molasses per gallon on feed days during flower will really drive your plants smell and flavor.

You are going to find that the cannabis you grow at home will be FAR superior then the stuff you are used to buying. I think some measure of pride is factored into that. As it should be.

I wouldnt sweat it too much, Its always 80-83 degrees in my tent during flower. Id lower it but I am limited by the comfort of the temp in the rest of my apartment. Id have to keep it like 70 degrees in here to have my tent be any cooler. If you have the means, keep it low like 75 during lights on and try and keep it above 60-65 at night. 10 degree difference between night and day will facilitate color changes in some phenotypes.

You got a great looking grow going on and thank you for taking the time and putting up a journal loaded with detail and photos. This helps to inspire new growers who come to the forum. Im set to watch, feel free to ask if you need any advice at all. Keep those photos coming!


Ty ! So i added myco supreme to all root holes when i transplanted and also gave a watering with it in it. I than added tricoderma 2 week later. I feed them blackstrap mollasses and cal mg on non nute waterings once a week to feed the fungus also

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