First grow journal roll one and tag along

So Im starting my forst grow journal now. I have an unknown bag seed that i started germinating today. I will be using a 2x2 space that ill be making out of pvc. I have all the pvc cut and everything i just need a few more fitters to finish puttig together. Ill be using an hLG 65 v2 4000 for veg and a hlg 100 v2 3000 for flower. Ffof soil and the trio pack nutes. Please tag along and correct me as needed on the way or if you have any tips or advice it would be greatly appreciated now lets grow! @dbrn32 @Hellraiser


Sorry it wouldnt let me tag but please feel free to tag along @MrPeat @BobbyDigital @peachfuzz @Covertgrower @dbrn32 @Hellraiser @


Thanks for the tag. :+1::+1::+1:


Good luck on this one!


Best of luck!! Welcome to the addiction!


Good luck with your grow! Call out if you need anything.


I checked on the seeds tday and didnt seem do much of anything so i started germinating a few more just incase then i will use the 1 that looks the best. I have a hlg 65 and a hlg 100. Im gonna veg with the 65 for tighter node space since it has more of a blue spectrum and use the hlg for flower or use both for flower hoping it will prevent the buds from being real fluffy and leafy and i can get the dense buds im looking for. Does that sound like im in the right dorection so far?

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Sounds good so far.

This is my set up for right now… there are nothing in those 2 pots i just went ahead and got them ready for when the seeds are ready to be planted. Ill probably end up putting them in 3 gallons for there final transplant

This will be my grow tent that im building out of pvc. The only thing stopping me right now is I need more fitters but i have all the pipes cut to the appropiate length. Ill finish it this weekend when im off more than likely. Then wrap with panda film or mylar.