Jesters. Bonsai clone grow journal ! 10 plants ! And seedlings! Just started flowering

Forgot aome pics. All the mains on the clones are this thick. Little trees lol. And also to add.

  1. Seedlings have received bergmans best since seedling stage.

  2. Clones have received advanced nutrients ph perfect micro. Grow. Bloom.
    Have. b 52. Big bud. Bud ignitor. Bud candy. Flawless finish now that the fmowering is starting


They look great, dude!

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Ty ! Always think of more to add. So many valuables and data points to keep optimum lol

But my ppfd in big tent with tge 4 lights with the photone app is 990. 1000. At top canopy level. And dli of about 40. 45.

Small tent says 800. And dli of 35.

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Got em dialed in. Fig humidity of 55 to 60 is better until actual buds form ? Than keep it at 50 ? Say 2nd. 3rd week of flower ?

This way the vpd is more on point

Realized my temp probe was below top canopy from them stretching. New temps are little higher

Though not much. Read the leaf temp is 3 to 5 degrees less than ambient room ? Jw because i have another 2 feet i can raise light to keep it 12 inches above plants … says i can use it 6 inches with its design but better safe than sorry

I also have the ir n uv on 25 percent. Will be increasing that as i get further in flower but i assume that will raise temp a little higher

Is 80 still good fir flowering temps and terpenes ?

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My flowering temps are 80-83. Id have to freeze to death in my apartment to get it lower.

I have read alot on this damage to terp by temp. Im not seeing any problem from my temps. There are many outdoor growers from AZ who are very satisfied in the taste and smell of their grow. Its 110-115 degrees in the dead of summer here. So how much evaporation can we actually be talking about. Sometimes “the science” gets in the way, IMO.

And i take it with those temps you still get frosty tasty buds ? Lol. That’s good to know because i feel ill hit 80 easy when i go full power light. I git an infrared thermometer. Leaf temps at 77. 78 also lol

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Needing water every 2 days. Just gave reg water ( forgot to ph it. Rushing before lights out snd friend came over. Comes out tap at 8. But have perfect ph nutes so should regulize the soil ph next feeding)

Also ppm were between 599 and 1000 so def eating. Next watering in 2 days will be nutes. They just git str water last 2

Soil should be able to buffer that for you. Just try not to make it a habit.

How much are you giving?

So in a 5 gallon pot i water a gallon each plus i split a gallon per 5. So about gallon n quarter of water. It ends up giving me about 20 ounces of run off to be abke to check it

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Thats about right. For me its the same gallon for a 5 gal pot. Been reading from other growers that they get more like a gallon and a half for a 5 gal. My first coupme grows when in flower they wanted water every other day but the last say 3 grows its 3 days like clockwork. Unless I just flushed the soil then it takes an extra day to dry.

Same here. 2 days almost like clockwork. I flushed one olant. And he was little to wet to add water in now so he stayed off this feed

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Flush and feed same day right?

So one read a ec of 4.o. i was littke scared so i ran 3 gallons through him and checked ec of last runn off from that waiting 5 mins. It was 2.4. So i fkushed a little more. Like half gallon or so. and waited. Put back in run off dish ( let free drain into sumo pumo when flushed ) and check that. It was 1.7. So i keft him to feed on that.

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That was the seed grow. ( two grow in 2 tents. Ones seeds ones clones ) i watered clones today and check. Ec of between 1 and 1.2.

Thats more of an adjustment (corrective action) a flush would take 15 gallons of water for a 5 gal pot. You would do this if the ph of runoff was below threshold

So that should be ok than ? Fig day or two shell be dry enough to feed with the other clones. They just got 2 waterings and assume theyll be below 1.0 after next 2 days of feeding.

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Veg was easy ! Lol. Took 5 dying clones and have 5 bushes rn. Took 5 seeds and got all 5 to pop al take off. Never doubted myself or feared. Now theyre in flower one week and im freaking out lmao. Nervous and axious

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@MidwestGuy. Fig id tag in another top dawg to follow along. Never can have too many eyes i feel ! Although docnraq has been taking great care with his advice and repsonses !

First time grower feel like i went all out n just hooing for a return lol

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