Jesters. Bonsai clone grow journal ! 10 plants ! And seedlings! Just started flowering

Ever seen or used these ? Do they work ? Would be beneficial last 2 weeks if flowering maybe ? I bought two bags of co2. And they suck


Steele your nerves. You got lotsa backup right here on the forum, and a fair amount of natural talent.

As for the co2. Co2 is really only effective in a sealed room with up over 1200ppm (I think, dont quote me on that) midwest will know. Ontop of that you would want some serious light! I think if your growspace is in a place that is far away from where you dwell in your house (like an attic) then an exhale bag or co2 container can help because they need co2 and in an indoor grow they get most of it from us outside of that, the majority of what I have read say its pointless without sealed grow chamber.

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No. The last two weeks need less light then regular flowering levels. C02 helps plants take in more light.

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In basement rn. Onside a room. Inside a room. Lol. Both tents are seperate room inside a diff room. Noone dwells there. I only enter for plants etc.

Have 2 exhale c02 bags in the grow tent alone. No. Othing running whe. First set up n co2 didnt raise 1 ppm. Steady at 409 to 500

So ill never do a co2 bag again. But was wondering about that can cause said raises a 12 x 12 for 2 weeks to 1200 ppm. And shld i lower light intensity at end of flower tha? Or keep em cooking ubtik theyre done. 1 week down on clones and 4 days on seeds in floqer so far

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It depends for me. If there is foxtailing, I will cut the light cycle by 2 hours for the last two weeks. If not then I just leave her as she be. Its a mimic of outdoor environment. Grows go from spring to fall outside. When fall starts days get shorter this is an environmental trigger (just like 12 and 12 for photos).

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Awesome ty. I never eve. Knew about foxtailed weed until i came on here. Lol. Def sometbing i dont want. Spunda like it takes away quality alot.

It can. It builds new buds ontop of old buds resulting in a mixed bag if mature and immature trichomes. Some strains are predisposed so you gotta know your cultivar.

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Just gave all seed plants str ph water. Amd ppm came out between 580 and 800. And ph 6.5 to 6.7

So. Entering second week of flowering tomorow is day 8. Should i wait until end of week or now to defoliate the lower and inner parts ! I def feel like ima need to for airflow. Getting dense again

[Uploading: 20221009_172637.jpg…](

Defoliate at weeks end.

On the same token, Im not defoliating mine. Its a balancing act. Need leaves just as much as good airflow. Less leaves means less photosynthesis and or used energy growing new leaves instead of flowers. If you can see through her, she shoukd be good.

Is there anyway to add video here? So much easier to show dimensions that way

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The stretch is on holy schmoly. Idk if i have enougg room :confused: :tired_face:!

I feel like the small tent is getting to crowded already … i read you dont wanna let buds touch etc as they grow for mold. … what shld i do !

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No sadly. You could make a youtube channel and link to the video.

You dont but at the same token,

You can still pack em in. What you do is let em grow and then worry about if you have too many. Maybe you have to lop off a branch of two maybe you dont. Point being, they arent even close to done stretching yet. Worry about humidity and airflow when the flowers are in there. Itll be 4 weeks in before they really kick out any moisture anyways.

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My chem dawg is finally flowering !!! The one I topped and trained is doing way less than the one I just let live the short one was taller where I trimmed and now w the small me I barely touched it taller
Uploading: A831A616-01DD-44B2-95CF-991F3DB952F0.jpeg…
Uploading: 1B265A4F-65C1-45D2-AC18-A76CDFC42168.jpeg…
Uploading: 01441D5D-0B38-4CC4-A580-07F53FAB44DE.jpeg…
Uploading: 7E10C605-FC9F-4A83-A219-0AAEC60FDA0D.jpeg…
Uploading: F0F8A19D-81D3-4506-8092-20795D1D04C9.jpeg…

Photots didnt load. Load again n wait a sec for upload. I wanna see em ! Lol mine started flowerinf i guess? Maybe? Idk lol

They looks hairy but is that “budding” yet ?

Ok. Def getting more humidity in basememt tha. Before. Used to emoty the dehumif every 2 days … tiday it was full and i emptied it yesterday ! I believe i did last night … means ima have to enott it in am before work now. Gonna have to hook uo the auto drain (has a 2 gallon resevoir) :sweat_smile: abd its gonna get worse?! Lol :laughing: :rofl:

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Yes it will. You are in the transition from veg to flower.