Jesters. Bonsai clone grow journal ! 10 plants ! And seedlings! Just started flowering

Help help help.

I assume this is pm. It just started. What do i do !

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This may be against forum policy, if so mods will tell me.

Increase circulation and air exchange. Decrease humidity.
I see you had another thread on the issue. Trust covertgrower, he is my goto.

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Is it safe to say tgat i should defoliate now. Mid 2nd flower week and get rid of infected keaves and open up air flow more instead of waiting until end of week ?

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Either way, look to increase your circulation and FAE.

Im stumped on that one tho. I have 4 6 inch fans inside tent. Tent is in a dark room in basemenet. So i did implement opening fron door of tent half way now. I dont know any other way to really increase beyond that. Also second room i have thia set up

I have door open also in there. I have a 6 inch inline fan feedinf room through wall with hunidified fre sh air … plus fan s on bottom blowing straight in.

So i close the door. This room is being fed by big room. Which is now dehumidified to 45 … it was at 55 cause of temp and vpd…(temo hit 79 now with humidifier on full bore. So a humidity under 50 creates huge vpd ) . and its outvented by the ac infinity 4 inch through hole in door into the bathroom …

but i did get a clone from friend that had a bud on top. I had him in himidity dome for long time inside the tent. I tha. Took him out and let him get kight in bug tent. Than transferred him to small tent. But noticed he had pm growing on him but i didnt realize he alrsy infected others? Could that be the reason not my airflow? Jw because as mention. I have alotta air flow and fans are running 24. 7. So never stale air.

Its crazy it even survived, the mildew I mean. Gotta be the culprit, right?

Thats what im thinking. Ive been diligent to the loint of insanity lol i have cams on hydrometers in the rooms. Check them every hour etc. Once humidity hit 60 2 days ago … reservoir fikled up when i was at work. I have neevr done this so dont know how. What causes it but if air flow and hunidity. I def had those on point. Could lil guy hsve spread his fungus and than when it hit 60 for the half day he grew??

Tomorow gonna remove plants. Trim clean rooms. And than friday ima spray em all with the trifecta crop spray. There goes my perfe t grow lmao

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I flowered at 65%rh and no issue harvest before last. Is the space your growing in commonly musty?

I dunno about that, treated this will not have a huge affect on your grow, nor will it chew up all your leaves or anything. For sure you will wanna do a budwash at the end but I do that everytime anyway.

I guess? Its a basement and it has leak of water into sumppump. But humdifier been gping for 5 weeks in that room. Should that have elminated any must?

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Guess Im not sure. Might consider getting an air cleaner in the space. Something with a good heppa quality filter, make sure it is enough to grab mold spores (smaller then 4 microns.)

Def will do asap. Tyvm! Never even though of that

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The only thing I am aware of is linking a website selling product that is not Amazon. Links to articles are allowed as far as I know.

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7 outta 10 down. 3 to go.

Removed plants from tent. Defokiated and renoved baby bud sites on bottom of plant. Sorayed liberally under and over evey leaf. Wiped down inside of tent. Fed and watered with nutes ( was time and dry when i lifted them out ) and now opened up. Extra air flow etc.

Question . The pm on leaves is still there after initial dry of trifecta crop control spray … will the lil white spots dissappear ?

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Not sure @Covertgrower will know. You can use a h202 and water solution, sprayed and wiped on the leaves to remove pwm. Check this article out.

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All done. Changed fan rotations. Should help direct air in a stream now also

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Looks good growmie!

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Ty. 5 hrs of meticulous work so far and almost all cleaned sprayed and set back up. Buying a second large humidifier. F it. Lol :laughing: :rofl: anything for my babies

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Good thing also … lets say each plant had 1000 leaves total. I removed say. 300 leaves. I found pm starting on about 60 leaves for estimates about pwrcentages