First time grow ! Buddy called my plant weed bonsai

New to growing. Figuring out things as i go. Have 2 mars 2000 tsw 2022 lights in 4x8. Putting up a kind 330w in a 3x3 for 4 of the lil plants. Seedlings popped out of shell on september 10th. Sept 11th i took the baby pics. 16 days old today from seed popping and from planting the sickely clones

Please give all advice n criticisms.

First 5 abovee photos are beggining of grow. Sept 12th

14 days later photos are below.

Upload: 20220924_224229.jpg…
Seedling to now. 14 days. Just fimmed few of the babies. Here are clones now

Super bushy plants are og chem dawg. Tall clones are purple mimosa. And three babies are ultra bomb cookie


Awesome job there brother! Good luck and keeper growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses: