First Plant hasn't flowered after 15 weeks

My first plant has grown to about 6 feet. It has been 3 months and 3 weeks. I had a small problem early and had to repot and since then it has grown. It has not started to flower and am looking for suggestions on what I can doto get the plant to flower. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Welcome! Is it an auto or photo plant. Indoor or outdoor?

What is your current light schedule? Easiest thing to do is put it on 12/12 and should be good.

It is autoflowering.

Been 24 hours because of autoflowering. but will change to 12/12. Thanks

Some autos lack the Ruderalis gene to run on a clock. Your plant is a photoperiod so changing light schedule now will tell it to flower. Expect it to stretch 30%…