1st grow, confused about flowering

So, this auto plant is around 9 weeks old, and I,m not sure what is happening right now, since it should be flovering now, from what I know, and first pestils appeared around 3 weeks ago, but it doesn’t look like its really flovering, at leastit doesnt look like any pics of early flovering I’ve seen. I had a problem with pot being too small, so I transplanted it 5 days ago, and it has been feeling better now, but still no changes in flowering sites. Am I concerned for nothing, or can it be that it just wont flower at all?
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You’ll need to wait a bit longer for your pics to upload before you hit post. We cannot see your photos.

We’ve never seen such a thing. The flowering stage takes 10 weeks, so you’ll need to be patient.

Oh, lol, ok, here they are

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Most autos will flower at between 4 and 7 weeks of age, but we have seen them take as long as 12 weeks to flower. The first sign you will see will be calyxes at the plant’s nodes when the plant is sexually mature. Autos flower shortly after they have sexually matured.

Once you see calyxes at the plant’s nodes it will be a week to 10 days before you start seeing pistils at the plant’s tips. These pistils at the tips are the start of flowering. Most plants will be ready for harvest 8 to 10 weeks from the start of flowering.


I’ve had some late starting autoflowers, so it’s not all that uncommon. It’s genetic and can vary between seeds from the same pack.

Looking at your full plant shot - couple of questions. First, do you have holes drilled in the bucket it’s living in? At first I thought she could be thirsty (in the pic) but the soil looks very wet. What are you using? It looks a bit “heavy”.

Second, how much light have you got going there? If it’s adequate, the next thing to try is flipping her to 12/12, just as you would do a photo. That should bring her around.

Good luck with her.

Yeah I know this, but the thing is, the first pestils already formed 3 weeks ago the plent has stopped its stretch(I think), but there is still close to none flower development

So, first of all - there are holes in the bottom of the pot, but just the default ones, I’m using soil for flowers(stated ph 5.5 -6.5), also it actually might be a bit thirsty, since I’ve been watering it once every 4 days which might have been to rare, since it’s quite hot here. And yeah I’m a bit concerned about drooling, but I thing it will fix itself If I water it a bit more oftenly. And, it gets around 9 hrs of direct sunlight every day, and like 8 more dispersed, is that not enough? Because, sadly I cant really do anything about giving it even more(I’m on too low of a budget to purcase some lights)

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Is the plant outside? If so that’s fine. I’m not as sure if you are raising it by a window but indoors. It should be, but I was trying to force a plumeria cutting by my window with a small cheapo grow light to supplement, but she won’t open her leaves until I stuck her in the tent with my cannabis girls.

I use grow bags instead so I’m sure the roots are getting adequate airflow to them. Mine are in autopots so they have continually wet pot bottoms.

If that first pic is what you are calling pistils, they are not. The little things at the base of the leaf are just little things(they have a name but I am not sure what).
This is what first pistils looks like.

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Some auto misfire. If ready to start it flower inside flip to 12/12 light cycle to push it. If outside I would just let it do it natures way.

Ok, so, the problem might have been me not watering it enough, since I started watering 3 times more frequent, and it`s looking much better now.Also, lots of new pistils formed, alyhough still no buds in sight, which kinda worries me