First pistil on auto

I feel she’s still super small but my question is will she still stretch she have been stretching lately just wondering how much bigger will she actually get

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How old is she?

About 22 days @HMGRWN

Yeah that is pretty early to show any pistils.
As long as it is just the one eager beaver I wouldn’t be too concerned.
Looks like you had to look pretty close to even see that.
Hopefully she will continue to veg before the tops start to flower.

@HMGRWN yeah I totally seen it by accident then had a hard time finding it lol

Most autos start showing pistils at 3-4 weeks after germination.

My Amnesia auto at 23 days (first pistils)

Same plant at 10 weeks old


@Brobdab beautiful tree


Your fine she might be a little on the short side but you’ll still have roughly 2-3 more weeks of veg then a flower stretch 2 of these girls started clustering at 4 weeks and look at them 4 weeks later


@GreenSnek yeah she is definitely on the short side


This was my super sad excuse looking Zkittlez auto. It stayed so small for almost a month.

It all of a sudden grew rapidly! Still weeks behind my other 3 autos started at the same time. But, it goes to show autos can jump up and surprise you.

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@Brobdab @GreenSnek I hope my plant turn out as half as good as both of yours


I think your off to an excellent start!

@Brobdab I’m looking to start GSC auto in a few hopefully my light is significant enough for two plants

I am no light expert by any means, but maybe I can help.

What light do you have?

@Brobdab maxsisun pb1500

Based on a google search and looking up your lights…

If you’re growing autoflowers you should stick to the recommended vegetative phase light intensity range of 306-617 micromoles for the whole life of the plant .

Your light has 311.2 μmol with a flowering coverage of 2.5ft x 2.5ft.

Taking a guess, but your light would only be enough for 1 plant.

@GreenSnek @Brobdab @HMGRWN she’s really taking off


Yup it’s all about exponential growth more foliage = faster growth. First timers are always put off when their plants are still puny at week 3 but that’s actually when they really start to take off

My light recommend hight for veg is 18-22 inches I have it about 18 should I go up to 22?

Watch the leaves for where the light should be. If the leaves tend to point up or the plant is stretching too much, lower the height. If they shy away or the plant is too compact, raise it.