Is This Normal To See

First plant supposed to be Wedding Cake Photo from barneys farm its in week 4 of veg from seed i see a bunch of what looks like white hairs


That is a good thing, but sounds like u got an auto. They have their own time schedule.

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Well damm lol guess ill let ride out with 18/6 for 2 more weeks see what happens


Sign me up, Congratulations!
My 4-week clones don’t look that good

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At least you know its female.

Its in preflower

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Why would one assume it’s an auto, as my Northern lights, blue dream skunk #1 all show pistils to see sex in week 4 or 5.

How many hrs of light are you running?

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Running 18/6


No problem she will start stretching now… I would continue to stay at 18/6 .

It’s a perfectly normal photoperiod plant in my opinion. They show sex on 18 or even 24 hrs of light. If they didn’t I wouldn’t know what to stick in the flower room and I would end up with a bunch of males. Relax grasshopper