RQS Northern Lights Auto 6week no pistils

Hello growing peers.

I have a big question about my baby. I have a Northern Lights Auto that has germinated 6w ago, this day. By this timeline, it should have some pistols already, but they are not appearing. Should I be concerned?

Thanks in advamce


The longer it’s in veg the larger the plant. Timelines on autos are strictly estimates. Patience, your plant looks great.


I agree with @oldmarine plant looks great and longer veg makes for a bigger plant. I’m usually hoping for a longer veg time to get some size. I would not be one bit concerned as you can always go to a 12/12 light schedule to encourage flowering.


I don’t see any signs of male or hermie yet…not sure about autos, but it took almost 9 weeks for me to find out one of mine was a boy and the balls appeared literally overnight. Just keep watching it looks healthy