Pistils on day 27 since sprout need help!

First time grower here and was wondering I planted a random seed I had laying around and it’s about day 27 now and the plant has developed pistils just wondering if it’s too early for pistil since it’s only been day 27 since sprout also wondering if the plant is a auto and would also like to hear anyone opinion on the size of the plant is it small for day 27 or doing good


Where are you seeing the pistils? If they are at the tips of the plant then she is flowering. If the pistils emit from calyxes at the nodes, then all it means is that she is sexually mature.

It’s most probable that you have an auto unless you are on a 12/12 light schedule.

Autos usually flower at between 4 and 7 weeks. We’ve seen them flower as soon as 2 weeks. It’s not surprising to see an auto flower at 27 days.

Your plant needs more light.


If its an autoflower 27 days is within the ballpark. I have had them start at 21 days before.
It looks like it wants more light. Hardly any secondary growth. What are you lighting with?


@MidwestGuy , We meet again


Not sure I see pistils. Think it is just growing. Looks good. Maybe lower the light a little to thicken her up a bit.


As usual. The good part is that we usually have a slightly different way of saying things. It works out well for getting people on the right track.


I agree. And i will add that I sometimes I post ambiguous statements that can be read wrong.
Having someone else say it differently really helps. Someone once said “You need to hear something 7 different ways from 7 different people before you understand”
And I go back and edit a LOT. :rofl:

Back to the pistils…If there are any this would be them, but brand new leaves can look exactly like pistils and I have been fooled before.
But as we are all saying , she want more light.


I also thought the same I had it growing at 12/12 and changed it too 16/8 is that good or should I do 18/4?

I’m not convinced your plant is flowering as I see no evidence of it. If it is actually flowering then I would continue to let it flower at 12/12.

I would advise a 18/6 schedule for veg and 12/12 flower flowering. The light schedule doesn’t matter if it is an auto. Autos don’t care about the light schedule.

Can you please show us a close-up pic of the pistils you see and where they are on the plant?


Agree with @MidwestGuy im not seeing it doesn’t mean it’s not there

That’s a good way to ensure it flowers prematurely.

Grow on 18/6 or 20/4 for veg, and then flip the lights.

As it stands, you have two choices increase the light and allow it to reveg, or keep it at 12/12 and let it flower.

It’s more likely than not not an autoflower, unless you’ve grown other autos before. It’s just that you’ve been growing it on a flowering light schedule, so it’s going to flower the moment it’s sexually mature.

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Has that plant been topped?
It is showing itself to be female. There are a few pistils right at the node.
But I agree that its not in full on flowering.

I switched the light cycle from 12/12 to 18/6
There a new node coming in will topping stress out the plant or should I just go for it