Ak47autoflower 5 weeks and not flowering help!

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Give it time. Patience, grasshopper.

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I seen other plants in YouTube that was so much bigger. And started flowering at 2 weeks. Ibk what I’m doing wrong.

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Autos are hard to grow IMO. If you have everything perfect then yeah; you can stand back and watch em take over. But if you have anything that slows em down; forget it.

Keep in mind that all of the times given for your plant are guidelines and not hard and fast. This plant could go 2 more months before showing pistils or it could flower tomorrow.

FYI if your plant is small now and it flowers it will be a small plant at the finish. Big plants mean big yields. Lots of room for roots and canopy and you will have a big crop.



There are so many reason your plant could be a little small or stunted. I also agree with Myfriendis410, autos are hard and have a mind of their own. The only thing we can do to better insure a good yield is have the perfect environment. That means we need to check ph before and runoff along with ppms. Turns out my first couple grows I was cooking my girls with hot super soil. Now I’m trying my hand at coco now which seems to be going much better and controllable but one outta three is a runt. What lights you running, soil, are you checking ppm and ph, any nutes, seed company? Lots of questions I know, but they all matter. Here’s a pic of the three I started at the same time, but you can clearly see one is stunted, and they are all 25 days old. The runt is one of two Purple Hazes, and the other decent one is Orange Diesel Mephisto.
PS those are 10 gallon pots. Somehow my ppms got too high on that runt because I didn’t check runoff once and that’s what happened. Good luck and keeping communication open here. There is so much help available.


Them 2 in the back are looking good

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indent preformatted text by 4 spaces![IMG_20191223_191642|375x500](upload://5VhPx6nDNTVhYxPUHllYXLn6i0f.jpeg)      5weeks flowering