First Outdoor grow! Starting on 4/20

I am in southern Oregon and so I’m going to start a blue haze seed for a outdoor trial.

I need sooooo much help !
@Mrcrabs you are the outdoor king! Please help.

I’m going to grow in a pot since I do t trust my soil .

What size pot? I don’t want to have to big of a plant so I can make it’s as inconspicuous as possible.

Can I just use fox farm ocean forest like I did on my indoor grows?

I really need help with what I will need grow wise. I have the money and can get what I need. Please help.

In think g 10-20 gallon pot of some sort and I know how to deal with FFOF soil.

So I am asking for opinion and help on what I will need for a basic grow

@PurpNGold74 @Gremmall @GreenJewels @Myfriendis410 @blackthumbbetty @AAA

Please tag anyone that can help and if there is anyone in Oregon I would love to get advice from them as well


Ok after reading I’m just going to use 5-7 gallon pot.

And I need recommendations for soil since I don’t think straight ffof is going to be enough

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There is a soil guru named @garrigan62. He can probably help. I didnt see him tagged in.



Sorry for being late, but check these two links out.


Yes you can. You can even dig out a hole, and replace the material removed with FFOF. This will keep your roots from being dried out fast in a container.


Well @Big123 is who I think of when you say outdoor grow. I think you’ll want a smaller pot size than his though :joy:. I have grown outside in a 5 and 7 gallon. I used fox farm Happy frog and used their nutes. It’s pretty humid around here. I always get bud rot outdoors in my area. Good luck with your outdoor grow


@big123 is your man. He has it down. Growing south of you near Sacto.


The photographs are from my current photo grow. A Kosher Kush planted by itself in the 200 gallon bag, the other babies, 2 in 5 gallon bags, the others in 3 gallon bags, will be put in their own larger containers eventually.

I put down a layer of worm castings and then a layer of green all micro bark for mulch layer once they’re in their forever- a season - homes.

I prefer large containers in my climate, can go longer between waterings, plus it’s an easy way to increase yield.

I always put some food grade diatomaceous earth/powdery white stuff to help keep insects out of soil.

The plants need a minimum of 5 hours direct south facing sun :sunny: shine.

I like to start in solo cups for photos, if I grow auto flowers I start seeds in 5 gallon bags.


So a lot of those links are huge bulk soil builds. I am literally growing 1 plant in a 5-7 gallon pot

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So you put a layer of worm casting and mulch? Is they on top of your soil? And what soil ?

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A mulch layer helps insulate the roots from cold or hot temperatures encountered outdoor.

You can likely be ok without it.

This is @garrigan62 small recipe. He has it broken down.

I cannot find dolomite! WTH!

I found him:


Hi-Yield Agricultural Limestone. I just picked up a 6# at my local garden supply store. If you want 40 or 50# check farm supply or farm coops.

The recipe is two tablespoons can I just not use it and just supplement with cal mag later on since it’s a calcium magnesium thing?

Got my soil going I am only going to let sit until I transplant when my seedling is ready so hopefully 3 is weeks


That is what I did before knowing about adding some to the soil initially.

Ok so I’m on 8 days and both seeds I tried in paper towel method did not do anything . So I have now put them in water with some 3% peroxide. How long should I wait for a cracked shell before I just throw out the seeds and start over?

Both seeds still floated a bit when I put in water

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