First Grow White Widow Autoflower by ILGM 3/22/21

I topped, super cropped and lst my taller auto trying to keep it shorter and none of that affected it. Here’s my plant in question. Left to grow untouched although I did snap a branch trying to lst but called it off when that happened. This thing should have been auto’d. Hasn’t even sexed

Can you see pistils popping out everywhere?

I would put it under a light and let her grow if your growing autos and see if it comes out of it. Like I said on my last one I posted I kept on feeding it and it’s 8 weeks today and it is just know starting stretch and flower

No pistils yet. None

day 59 and she is flowering like crazy almost vegged for 8wks lol so there is hope


Day 50. She’s going 12/12 in 2 weeks

Oh I see it did end up being feminized. Looks good to me and she seems to be vegging well. I didn’t know a autoflower would veg as long as mine did but I got 3 that’s 9 wks and the other 3 have been photo for 8 wks and I have one that’s still stretching and preflwering.

60 days today and still stretching

Uploading: 141D0878-6B63-44FB-924B-D734F3DF3840.jpeg… Uploading: 72DBD15D-7BA6-4B42-8328-BCB2DDA34438.jpeg… Uploading: B56CCE57-AE0B-4CA5-B2AA-E3A04CD8ACC2.jpeg…
These pics on the bottom right you will see this plant just stretched through the trellis and how far behind it was to the others and now she has caught up!

Yeah I’m starting to think she is a photo. She’ll be the first to go to flower when room is available. Had to setup a bigger tent ran out of room in the 2×4. This should hold me off for a while. Should be a yielder for sure. Here she is with some of my clones

Oh ya she is looking good

it took it a little bit to catch up with the rest.

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That one I was thinking wasn’t a Autoflower but as you can see in these pics it has finally caught up with the rest… lol

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Some more pics of my WWA