First Grow White Widow Autoflower by ILGM 3/22/21

I started with 6 white widow Autoflower in a 4’x4’ tent. Then I had to move 2 to another tent! These girls are growing 2 of them are standing at 46” above the grow bags!


There not gonna get to mich bigger there gonna start packing on weight now… looks really good tho… gives us a lil more specifics of the groe… lights nutes schedules… we like hearing good things of success :sunglasses::v: welcome to the forum by the way


Thanks! I’m running 18/6 lights and I started with some Bergman’s nutrients until I run out and I’m finishing with TPS Nutrients so we will see how it grows. I topped all 6 of them so they are all over the map as far as their age 3 of them are 9 weeks today and the other 3 is 8 weeks.

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I’m growing 3 myself and was wondering when they stopped stretching. 1 is a runt at 13" 45 days, 1 is 26" at 45 days and the other is 32" at 48 days.

That’s a good question I have the same thing going on I have a set of 3 that are 9 weeks today and one actually looks like it might be and the others 2 look like they are 7 weeks according to the way the buds look to me. The other set of 3 look they are 8 weeks today and 2 look about 6 weeks of flower and 1 is stretching and just started flowering. I’m new to this it’s my first set of Autoflower I have ever grown.

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I was under the impression these were shorter stalky plants. I see you have good lighting so that doesn’t explain the stretch. Mines under a spider farmer 2000 and still stretching. I lst, topped and super cropped and it’s still 32" and growing

I’m using HLG 550 v2 R spec it seems to be doing the job. I just run out of room my light is a max height and I have it turned down to keep from bleaching my plants.

I to was under the impression that they were smaller plants that’s why I started out with 6 in my 4x4 tent

I started with 4 but one was a photo so now I have 3 and 2 candy kush autos in a 4×4. Not quite as packed as you and quite a bit younger

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About 3 weeks from flip or once you see preflowet you got about 15 to to 20 days with autos

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Looks good a friend of mine just harvested Candy Kush couple days ago!


So when you see the preflower you have approximately 15 to 20 days they will be ready for harvest?

No they will strech for about 2 to 3 weeks and then the plant will start staking buds…depending on strain you flower time starts about right at end of strech for most manufacturers fastest flower I’ve ever had was 7.5 weeks but I’ve seen some advertised 7 weeks flower

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Hey thanks for getting back to me! Appreciate the advice and the welcome to the forum. Look forward to meeting y’all here to share input to help a fellow grower along the way! Again appreciate your advice!

![image|375x500](upload://zg otpUAcqrepj8aG64NPjpe9Sl7.jpeg)
This is my 6 white widow autoflower ILGM

One of my phenos is like your second pic or at least it has the same leaf structure

This is the 6th one I thought I added it but it’s 8 wks old and it’s starting to flower

So you think I should keep my hopes up for my 46 day old supposed to be auto?

I was advised that by a friend sometimes when you topp and not sure on the super crop that a Autoflower can be set back depending on how much you do and can cause it to be a late bloomer! I will let you know how that turns out

He told me to keep feeding it like you normally would. I was a bit skeptical until it started stretching and flowering