First grow ever

Will some one please tell me what light cycle to run pls I have 1n lights auto and 1narco therapy. They are 17 days old.

Autoflowers should have 24 hours of light their whole life.

Did I mess them up by doing 12/12 went to 24 hrs yesterday I didn’t know?

Hopefully not. All cannabis needs a significant more amount of light per day than 12 hours before you want them to flower. Most people do 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness for the “vegetative grow” season and then do not do 12/12 until the last few weeks of their life for a simulated flowering season, after the plant has reached a desired size. But for auto flowering varieties they need 24 hours for their entire life and only more darkness is introduced only if they are having a hard time flowering without it, this would most likely happen with a sativa dominant pheno that for some reason did not have all of its long dark photo genetics bred out of it. In regular photo period strains all are long nights for flowering and you almost always need darn near 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness to initiate flowering, outdoors some may flower with as little as 10 or 11 hours of darkness, it is very strain dependent. Autos are specifically bred to try and break this norm and will flower almost always in a set amount of time/weeks and will likely never grow very big at all. However autos are also the most likely to start flowering right away if their light schedule is reduced, even just a little, even if they are barely bigger that seedlings. You might have corrected the light schedule soon enough that it won’t stunt their growth or you might end up with some really nice thumb size only buds/plants that will smoke as good if they got bigger. Hopefully they will continue to grow bigger and you can get some decent size nuggz out of it.