Light Cycle on autoflowering

I’ve had my northern lights auto’s growing for roughly 2 months now and the “female hairs” have been on the stem now for about 2 weeks,I believe it’s in the pre flowering stage.The height on the 3 plants varies from 22" to 15" and the width on all 3 are 23". Ever since they were seedlings I’ve had the light on a 18/6 schedule (2-4 foot fluorescent tubes),should I change my light schedule any or leave it as it is?

I would leave the light cycle as is unless you want to force flowering. If you reduce the light per day, most likely the autos will decide it is time to start finishing up. Are you worried about them getting much bigger?

You can leave it as is, and they will finish a little later and bigger or if you shorten the light per day now, they will finish a lot sooner.

I’m not worried about the size of them,they’re in a room that’s 7’x15’ so they can spread out all they want.I just thought that if the flowering stage is starting maybe I should shorten the light.
Thanks for replying,as a noob it’s good to know my plants are right on track.I’d rather have bigger buds but this waiting is killing me. :lol:

Why grow auto-flowers in that size room. You ought to try some of Roberts feminized seeds.

It is entirely your choice, but Autos are designed for MMJ patients with limited stealthy grow space. Not as potent either. PLease follow up on potentcy; Please :slight_smile:

I started with autos for a couple reasons;I’d read they’re easy to grow and that they have little or no smell to them.I had never heard that they were designed for medical use,but from what I’ve read just about every strain has some medical benefits.
I never really tried smoking cannabis before,just a couple times in my 20’s.The last time was 20 years ago and I greened out really bad so I didn’t want to start with something super strong.That brings up another question,do you have any recommendations on what I should try next? If I do grow something that’s too strong for me I’ll give it to my nephew,he’ll be more than happy to take it off my hands.

Depends on what kind of high you are looking for. Stringer genetics are not necessarily a bad thing; You just smoke less.

I, and others hear will be glad to recommend a strain or 2, if you tell us what kind of effect you are lookin gfor. Peace

I’ve been thinking about what kind of high I want and it’s hard to say what I want.One thing I should mention is I’m a recreational smoker.But looking at the the effects listed on leafly dot com I’d like euphoric,creative and giggly or an all around happy feeling.Also taste would have a lot to do with it too,what I’ve smoked before just tasted like tree sap and the only effect I really noticed was losing my train of thought while talking,do all strains have that effect?It wasn’t disagreeable really.I just like the thought of tasting something sweet while smoking.That’s quite the shopping list I know but tell me what you think would fit the bill.Thanks.

Sativa strains give you more of a cerebral (creative, euphoric, perhaps giggly) buzz. Indica strains give you more of a “let’s just sit here and see how long it takes to find the remote wihout moving” buzz.