First Time Grower, White widow, northern lights (both auto)

Hello everyone. This is the first time i am attempting to grow cannabis, but i have spent some time understanding how this process works. I have ordered a 1200W LED with veg mode, though a friend who has grown a couple of times already thinks its a bad idea and a waste. I have 3 auto flowering WWs and 3 auto Northern Lights, which i plan on growing in a coco coir/perlite mix medium. I’m still waiting for my lights to arrive, so i have yet to germinate my seeds.
Also, i live in an apartment building and i am planning on growing in my apartment. I plan on using an activated carbon air purifier to deodorise and keep my plants and myself safe ;p i hope the filter manages to eliminate the sweet smell of my plants, since i don’t want trouble with my neighbours or the law.!
Since its my first grow ever, i’m really nervous about feeding and watering the plant.
I plan on keeping a 18/6 light cycle and changing it to 12/12 around flowering time.
Is it okay if i grow these two strains together, since they are both autos?
how many plants,in your opinion can i grow under one 1200W light?
I’m planning on letting them grow naturally, and not topping or super cropping them.
I plan on using LST to make many top colas and maybe topping them just once.
Would really appreciate any help i can get, and it would be really helpful if someone could help me figure out how many plants i can fit under my light.
Thanks. Peace!

Well let’s start at the top. As for the light your friend was probably right. Which model is it specifically? It matters because some are better than others but no matter what it’s NOT 1200 watts. Second autos don’t care what the light schedule is they will grow under 18/6 from start to finish if you want. And you can grow different plants at the same time. As for how many plants it goes back to that question of which light it is. 2 maybe more but not likely. And for the living in a apartment if it’s illegal where you’re at you are tempting fate. I had 4 plants and even with my 6 inch fan and filter running 24/7 and I couldn’t contain the smell.


Hey so the light is a MasterGrow Double Switch LED grow light 1200W Full Spectrum with Veg and Bloom model for Indoor Greenhouse grow tent.
I’m posting the link to the piece i bought here, you can check it out if you have some spare time. Mastergrow Double Switch Led Grow Light 600w 900w 1200w Full Spectrum With Veg And Bloom Model For Indoor Greenhouse Grow Tent - Growing Lamps - AliExpress
I’m actually from India and i sure will have to figure out a way to do this without getting nabbed since it is illegal in our country still.
I was actually hoping to grow around 5 plants at a time since i was covering a room in the apartment with mylar sheets, but now i will look for an alternate location for my grow. Thank you!

Oops wrong one. You can do 2 plants pretty good. Might could make a 3rd but it’ll be lower yielding.

Hahaha yeah this is the one. So then ill try planting 3 WWs in the next week or so and the Northern lights after them. Will keep posting the progress here. Cheers and have a good day!

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Welcome to the forum! I think doob has you set, don’t be afraid to ask if you need anything else. Best of luck with your grow!


:grin: good luck with the grow and like dbrn32 said feel free to ask for help. There’s not much the people here can’t answer.

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Yeah thanks again guys! Its better i start with 3 plants anyway, since its my first grow. I still have some time before the lights arrive, so ive started looking for a place in the hills and not grow in the apartment.
Just out of curiosity though, how much do you guys think i can get out of 3 plants, under a single 1200W light.! And i’m ordering a 5 inch 125 mm VS Cabon filter from Master Grow which is costing me around $300. Any opinions on whether i should order a bigger one or will this work?

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Sounds like it’s a bit high on price for a fan and filter but that might be because of where you live. But it should work fine.

okay this is a little embarrassing, but to be honest, i really dont know what nutrients i should buy, and what medium i should use or what grow bags or pots i need. My friend is telling me to grow in soil, but i really want to grow in coco coir. I need help figuring out what to do and how to begin. My lights are almost here and i am growing indoors in my farm now. This is like an SOS call. Please help

Maybe i freaked out a bit too much. I know i have to use hydro nutrients starting at 1/4 strength with CalMag during my grow. Maintain pH between 5.5-6.5 at all times. I’m just nervous since i dont know how often i should water, how often i should use nutrient. I really want to do things properly and not disappoint my plants and myself.

Sorry for the slow reply. Coco is often referred to as one of the harder if not hardest medium to use. Especially for new people. But it can be done if you’re patient and do your research.