Light needed for auto flowers

I am giving growing a try, for the first time. I have one auto ak47 in a 3 gal pot. She is inside an old mini fridge with Mylar on walls. For lights I have an erligpowht 45 watt led panel and one CFL can’t remember wattage as I’m out and about at the moment. I remember it said 1600 lumens. Is this enough light for the one autoflower. I’m hoping as the seeds and the led tapped me out for awhile. Thanks

Lights are pretty close to the plant Top leaves stretching up but might be thirsty. She’s only 12 days old but has a smell when I open door

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…try baking soda

The lights should be ok for veg, but you may find it lacking in flour

-good luck

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Yeah. Been reading the forums and everybody recommends high price lights. I have another one of the cfls. Well I have a bunch of dang cfls but another one I bought for growin. Have u ever used a ge. Socket adapter. So u can change outlet to socket. Seems ok but was only 75 cents and I worry about fire as it is. Thanks

Not necessarily high-priced, but higher wattage/output

I’m unfamiliar with the light fixtures you mentioned but if you have doubts perhaps you should listen to your instincts?


Should work cfl distance from light is 2 inches - LED’s with that wattage 6 inches. Can move to a 5 gallon it you have the room , your lights will work. More Light = Bigger Buds -maybe buy a few more 100 watt cfl’s (best)

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Growing ok I guess Thinking about investing in a grow tent Is three feet too short? Or would I be able to train plants to be shorter assuming I didn’t just stick to autos? Wanted a tent I could stick in a plastic storage cabinet like you might see in somebodies garage.

Have any thoughts on economy LEDs? Lol
Eyeing a homdox 300watt led off of amazon for 100 bucks And oops my plant is a northern lights auto not ak47 my bust

No idea at all. I know nothing about fluorescents, I use only HIDs
-best of luck!

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Go to “1,000

Hey thanks, planning on getting 300watt led and researching some apollo hort high power cfls to buy in a couple weeks. But as for now I had a few questions. Busted a bulb so am down to 63 actual watts worth of CFLs and one 45 watt led panel. Think it’s enough for one auto? Really don’t want yield to suffer too much. And as mini fridge too small for anything the cfls are under the led panel will this hinder the LEDs power?thanks

Yes - to figure the correct - need the size of your grow space and then can figure correct amount of watts or lumens

15 wide times 17 deep times 24" high divide by 1728
About 3.5 cubic feet
. I found some 23watt cfls on sale so now have 4 23 watt cfls with the 45 watt led panel
Definitely too small for comfortable grow but easy to hide I guess.

Or something. Math has been awhile

Look at you lol. Forgot you were there at the beginning. So pulled them from hanging trimmed stalks and stems and put in paper bags for a few days then pulled them out to give them a weigh. Wanted to trim stalks and dry a bit first. Anyway 41 g! Not bad -thanks again.