First Foray Indoors and With Auto’s

Trying an indoor grow for the first time. ILGM Blue Dream auto, 5-gallon fabric pot, FFOF soil, HLG Rspec 100, AC Infinity ventilation, in a 36x36x72 ViparSpectra tent.

So far, everything is moving along great. The plant looks super healthy, about 4- weeks since it sprouted. If anything, I’m surprised at the speed and density of veg.

I have a couple questions I hope someone can help me with.

1.) Last couple of days, it seems to have slowed the growth pace it was on, is this typical when it’s ready to move into flowering? (The leaf growth/leaf production of the main stem.)

2.) Some of the fan leaves are very large, and are in the way of branches trying to grow out underneath. Is this the time to remove the fan leaves in the way? The outdoor sativa I grew last summer was stretchy and didn’t have this problem of occlusion. I worry about these fan leaves because they are only a couple layers deep on the main stem, and soaking up light. Will removing them effect energy production/slow growth at this point?

I’ll attach some photos in next post.


These are Saturday-Sunday-Monday.

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Yep don’t remove any top leaves right now or you’ll slow it down and mess up the yield. Raise the light if you want stretch but leave the leaves alone.

Thanks, the branches are going to slowly push through the leaves, it’s currently a gnashing of teeth.

Those leaves will be towards the bottom in about 3 weeks

Is it normal for the leaf production on the top to slow a bit pre-flower?

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Here’s 1 before and after
Exactly 1 month later

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Yep and they’ll be the first ones to fall off later too

Wow, that’s a month? Amazing.

1 month exactly to the date. Yours should be similar just don’t touch the top leaves. Underneath is ok. Yours should start stretching any day now

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I just dropped another seed, going to buy another HLG Rspec 100, have a light for each plant.

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What size tent you in? @GardenGrove

3x3x72, probably too small for the Rspec 600, that has a flowering footprint of 5x5, and is $700.

I would think the hlg 320 would be perfect. Not a light professional though,

If I was just starting out, I probably would. At this point, it’s cheaper for me to buy 2-more HLG 100’s for a total of 300-watts. $149/each vs $549 for the other. My next seed purchase will be ILGM Cannatonic for a highly medicinal strain. Solid THC, and super high CBD.

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Buddy be a risk taker with one of them. I strip them down alot autos and it dont harm them. A few days later they r almost back fl of leaves tho. I strip them down like photos just did a heavy defol on 2 ilhm w.w. autos and a 420 fastbuds orig bubblegum auto. The bg auto was stunted from start as its in water and the water got warm on me. But dont stunt any og mine. Just took down a 430 bg today also from coco nice pla t and i did with that as i did with these. Try 1 ull b amazed. I even take the bottom third off the plants and dont harm tgem if any they go a week or 2 longer thats all but yield bstween 2 and 5 oz easy and thats good for an auto. I usually get close to 5 and 6 on autos. Here is the bg i just cut today

There is a quarr size wide mouth jar im holding behind the bud here to show the size of the bud.

Ww autos i just cleaned up

It does no harm here as long as u get them right at flower when they look like they bulk up and 2 weeks before harvest i strip all fan leaves off and let the loght get all the. Uds. Works for me. Experiment with one and see ur outcome. Ud be surprised. @Nicky @Not2SureYet they got me started on autos and dont be so scarry of them. Good luck. Take chances grow weed get high live life


I’ll try that on plant #2, the seed I just dropped a couple days ago. Thanks!


@MattyBear uses a HLG 260 in his 3x3 and grows tent fulls all the time :grin:


Do these early flowers look healthy? Blue Dream auto.

^^^^^ Anyone? First time indoor, and first time auto’s, just want to know if these young flowers look wispy or healthy.