Fighting bugs with captain jack's dead this more signs?

I found leaves that had something on them…others helped me realize they were BUGS! I used capt jack’s dead bug…that was 16 days ago…looking at the plants the two days ago I see more of the darned things under the leaves…so I sprayed them again…i see more tonight but they wipe off easily…I’m hoping they are dead but I’m very concerned. Also I’ve got yellowing leaves…I thought it was a nitrogen deficiency and I added some soil to the pot two days ago but it appears it’s getting worse. Do you think it’s a nitrogen deficiency or is it the bugs? Any and all suggestions are appreciated…

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Be aggressive with the Dead Bug. Spray once a day every day for 3-5 days, then once every couple of days, and then once a week for maintenance. If you kill them with weekly maintenance before they can be seen with the naked eye, you’re preventing an infestation that can be quite difficult to combat.

As far as the yellowing leaves, your instinct that it’s nitrogen deficient is on the money. I’d supplement with your nitrogen-rich nutrient, whatever that is. If you can remind me what nutrient lineup you have, I can probably point you toward the better choice since I see you’re also mid-flower.

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Thank you very much…I didn’t think I was to use jacks but every 10 to 14 days? I put 4oz in a gallon and sprayed like crazy both times. For chemicals I’m using BioCanna…ph tap water that has went through a carbon filter, 5 ml cal-mag, 5 ml cannaboost, 5 ml cannaflora…they are in 1 gallon fabric pots in ocean forrest soil. I can’t put them in bigger pots due to other plants already in the tent (long story!)…but I make a gallon of water and then put it in 16 oz bottles and each plant gets a half bottle…4 plants this is the only one that looks like this…or that has bugs on it!!! They get fed every other watering which is almost every other day…

Do you know what kind of bugs? Some poisons are kinda specific towards one or the other.
Spider mites will adapt to a poison over several generations, so with them you gotta switch it up towards the end of the treatment cycle. Which, as @Graysin mentioned should be over several days - at lights out.
And yeah, be aggressive with any treatments you do. Put on some rubber gloves and make sure every part of the plant is drenched. I mean dripping wet.

Good Luck with your grow!


That’s good, keep it that way.

I’m pretty sure it’s safe for daily use. I’ve certainly been applying it quite liberally. I had a round of fungus gnats that wouldn’t quit. Now that they have, my girls still get Cpt. Jack’s once every couple of days.

This has some N in it but not a ton. Do you have a veg nute that you discontinued when you moved into flowering? If so, I’d reintroduce that to this plant at 1/2 strength in addition to what you’re feeding now.

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I separated my spraying by a night so they could hatch out and I could catch them mid-cycle.
i did jacks 2 or 3 times then switched to garden Safe organic 2 or 3 times and no more mites!

But like I said - wear a bio-suit and really drench the plant.

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Don’t know…this pic is from 16 days ago…
If you can see my other posts …search for “mold”…I originally thought it was mold until someone helped me find this…

I think it could be mites…
Can you get a closer pic now? Do you see the same things?

Where’s @Lacewing when you need him? :rofl: Just teasing Bro!!

What do you think @Graysin

I gotta go give my cat his insulin and snack but I’ll try to find my mite pics and post in a little bit.

Yeah - I got a fat, diabetic kitty! Love my Eric! :cat:

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I took them out of the tent and wiped them down and removed everything I seen…and then I sprayed with water that had 2 drops of dish soap…the cheap stuff. I could take pictures but there’s nothing on them right now. Should I go spray with jack’s?


Painting us a masterpiece. Ever seen his stuff? It’s amazing.

It looks like whiteflies to me. But also maybe thrips. Either way, they’re ugly bugs. In my experience spider mites aren’t visible to the naked eye. Those almost look scaley - like whitefly nymphs.

I’ve had others say white flies…in my original post if I knew how to attach it…

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Current situation…thanks for all your help…
ILGM Lemon Haze Auto 48 days old

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yeah - mites are much smaller and generally darker.

keep us up to date on your fight.

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They’re not spider mites as I would recognise those anywhere. Mix a spray up with dish soap. I usually use 10-12 drops per gallon. You can use it at any time as well during veg or flower as it suffocates the bugs rather than poisoning them. I’ve found a website that could help you identify what you’re dealing with.
495 Sap Sucking Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Dreamstime.
They don’t sell anything so the link should be ok

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Lacewing had recommended Castile soap when I made my mix, worked great. Less crap in it


I use to use Captain Jacks. I still do but now like to go between two products. Aphids and such reproduce solo. So if you spray one day and kill all the adults the eggs will still hatch the following day if thwy did not get sprayed. If a handfull of bugs are missed thay will multiply fast. You need to spray three days in a row.

Look into Safer Brand Garden Soap. Spray the plant before the lights go off at night. About 75% on the underside and %25 on the top. (Ex. Sprayed 1 cup= 3/4 on the underside of thw plant. 1/4 cup om the top surface)

Try not to go more than three days in a row with any product.
Once you have everything under control you may want to look into Lost Coast Plant Therapy. It’s a great product.
Happy growing…


Thank you for all the info…it is much appreciated!


Current status…should I remove the leaves as they yellow or leave them? I sprayed again tonight with captn jacks and I fed them with cal-mag and cannaveg…

She (?) casually asks about the yellowing leaves acting like there aren’t giant leaning towers of buds back in the background :rofl: incredible, truly.

RE: the yellowing leaves - they look a little nitrogen hungry but they might just be hungry for everything. It is grow time. :v:

They aren’t damaged enough that I’d be removing just yet, I’d feed a little heavier and see if I couldn’t coax em to recover some color.

?? I didn’t mention the buds in the back cause I’m not worried about them…I’m worried about the plants in the front getting so bad that they affect the buds in the back…I’ve said I have other plants in various stages in the tent…should’ve I done different? Do you see a problem with the buds in the back?

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