Thrips now yellow leaves

Had thrips so treated the plants with a spray. now the thrips are gone, now most of the leaves are going yellow. and bit by bit falling of. think they are going to die. my plants are 4 weeks into flower. I sprayed them with the lights f and put the fans on blowing over them so they would be dry by the time the lights went on. anyone any idea. please. cheers

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Pics of the plants and some details would help. Like what kind of bug spray first off. Was it cannabis friendly and was itnsomething that can be used during flower. 4 weeks in might b okay but depending on the spray.

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thanks for replying mark. I’ve used this spray before no problems. just when you think after 2 yrs I got it right, lol.


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the plants are shiva skunk. looking good to.

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Not sure on that bug spray. Captain jacks dead bug is something able to be use all the way thru the gro even just before chop on the buds. Seems to work rather well. Havnt had to use myself but @Joshmcginnis28 can tell u about jacks dead bug. Good luck buddy. Maybe @Nicky will know if that bug spray is good to use or not. Some sprays leave a chemical residue behind and u dont wanna dmoke that and ness up ur lungs or anything. Good luck hopefully nicky can ring in or let u k ow someone with info about thay spray

The larva destroy the leaves by eating across them. This can cause multiple issues

  • open sores on surface of leaf
  • stunt growth of flowers
  • completely dead vascular system for leaf / branch

Your going to want to use a “spinosad” spray, as mentioned above jacks dead bug I believe is listed as such. There’s also a few other products but you’d have to do a quick google search of that.

Treat for 3 days skip a day treat for 3 more

Repeat process of you notice bugs after the first week treatment

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Bobs got ya.

cheers. This is my first infestation. Heads bursting lol. I’ll bucket that spray stuff and get some of the recommended just in case. I can’t see any more bugs, but the leaves are still going yellow, prob just a waiting game now. good buds or make some hash lol… just came back to hps and soil after having a year of crap with led’s and ntf. but two good crops now this. Oh the joys… cheers everyone.

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The leaves won’t recover but the flowers may, best of luck. Keep growing and look forward to harvest of this crop and move onto the next

cheers, I’m in scotland can’t get captain jacks, but will look for another one.