Feeding Schedule...weekly?

I am using Dynagrow nutrients. They have a feeding schedule chart (so much of each product per gallon). My question: Is this schedule for each watering or for each week?

The Chart: https://dyna-gro.com/feed_chart/

Since I am in soil with some nutrients, I have only been feeding once a week per the chart. Is that right or should I be feeding with each watering (currently that is every two days at about day 45 of the grow).

This is my first grow, so not shooting for the moon, but I do want to get the basics down.

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Looks like per feeding.

Looks similar to fox farms nute schedule… I feed in soil twice per week to 20% runoff.
3/4-1 cup water once per week with Recharge & Tribus Original mixture in between feedings.

PHed at about 6.5

Agreed its similar to FF schedule. Are you getting deficiencies, and do you have pics of your grow?

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Most growers manage nute dosing by maintaining a runoff PPM of ~1,000.

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I am not getting deficiencies. I have too much N if anything (yellow tips). There is a grow journal for them:

I have been following the dosage but doing it once a week, with just water in between (as I read that the soil has nutrients in it, so I don’t need to supplement so much during the veg phase).

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Yellow tips is not a sign of too much N. Too much N looks super dark green and shiny like theyre coated in wax.

That looks more like a calmag issue. Also i would post your questions on the other grow and not make a bunch of seperate posts for the same plant.

I am getting mixed information then as other have said the “painted fingernail” effect is due to pushing nutrients.

Deficiencies and burn look similar. And starting a new thread will only confuse people even more. We need the pics and info all in one place to get a solid idea of whats going on.

A deficiency will look like tip burn because the plant is stealing mobile nutrients and placing them where theyre needed. You definetly are not over feeding. Your plant needs food

Okay, today, they look like this.

Your read on them is that they need more. I will go to twice a week.

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Ok well the issue is this. Youre in MG soil. Its already full of nutrients you have no control over amd have no clue whats needed and whats not. That being said, how long have they been in the new MG soil. What type of MG soil is it. And what is the runnoff ppm when you just water them? Most mg soils feed for 6 months although mg garden will only feed for 3 months. Either way ill need the ppm runoff numbers to get an idea of where to lean towards.