Grow Date Schedule Plus

I was reading @maxvooo thread in Plant Care / Diseases and the schedule that was included. So I thought I would share a very simple EXCEL schedule I use to keep track of things. It is to mark key events as well as the routine so I don’t forget where I am at. I also keep a more detailed diary in a binder. I simply print out the form and hand write my notes. I had to use the SNIP tool because excel or PDF files are prohibited.

I also snipped the Fox Farm Trio schedule i use.
This next one is application rates for Plant Doctor and CaliMagic. Since I am mathematically challenged I put this together to convert volumes and measurements.
This all falls into “for what it is worth”.


very good practice. I do something similar, it really helps me keep track.

Got a question ima newbie things are going good for me so far butttttt was wondering about nutes and watering. Do you use nuets on every feeding or just 1 feeding a week? I’m currently using few emerald harvest products grow part A&B and emerald godess just FYI lol

@Sheets84 I hate to hedge on my reply but I am also relatively new to this and based on my most recent experience with Amnesia Haze Autos (see Very Ugly Sisters) I am probably the wrong person to give advice. So with that disclaimer and qualification I will say - follow the products recommended schedule and application rates (I am not familiar with the products you use). Start with reduced rates, pay attention to the plant, and react to what it is telling you. How is that for unhelpful gibberish. With that said, based on water needs, I apply nutrients every seven days + -
I would post your question to the forum under the appropriate category giving enough details (what strain, photo or auto, grow medium, age, what nutrients, etc.) for someone with specific knowledge to reply.

Hey I’m definitely new to this first time grower here and I dont even use lol. Just something about watching it come from a seed just amazes me my daughter smokes so I’m doing this for her but I’m hooked on it lol. I’m gonna go with once a week as well and only water with proper PH water any other feeding. I appreciate the response this site is awesome

Funny you say that. I don’t use either. I grow for my wife and we live in an illegal state so this is the best way. I likewise fell in love with the experience of watching these plants. For some reason I do not get the same sense of satisfaction from my tomatoes, peas, broccoli, beans and flowers I grow in our gardens.

Man I dunno why but it really has taken a grasp on me lol I am trying to make the area self sufficient besides watering and I feel I’m doing really well but how would I truly know lol first time

How they look?

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They look good & healthy. I don’t see any leaf discoloration. You’re gonna have a house full. what are they?

you have to ph when you mix the nute and water. I usually feed every other watering. water every other day, according to girls needs.
at half strength on the nutes

Agree @Royc. I am negligent about PH. I have to re-calibrate my pen and get back to it.

Came off a buddy of mine grow he says mainly runts but he isn’t 100% he has done 3 grows and managed to stress all 3 partially and got some seeds so he said he has no clue. When I purchased the emerald harvest nutrients the guy said take gallon of water put nuets in as directed than test PH he said the neuts will throw it off alot so dont test before.

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exactly I failed to mention that thank you @Sheets84

I’m a first timer here lol I’m like a sponge tho I’m taking everything in and doing probably more than needed but I love learning new things and ilove this site and how everyone comes together to help everyone out