BlueRidge Grow Journal

So, started soaking them on the 12th, planted on the 14th. All four have shown strong.

Temp solid 75, humidity 60% DLI at 12.

Been a while since I grew anything from seed, so not certain about water. Keeping them moist with small amounts daily.


Watering isn’t always the best very little mist on the soil. I use little solo cups for humidity helps them get established

Doing the same for my clones need to maintain a little humidity


Updates and problems, though not major.

Update: those in the MG soil are doing great.

But, there are two problems:

On of the MG plants has yellow marks one the leaves

The other problem is that those in the Harvest Organics soil are way behind:

These were all planted at the same time.

So, I think that the HV soil is nutrient poor.

What I did today was add 10ml/gal of Dynagro KLN, 2.5ml/gal of Pro-TeKt (silicone) to all plants, then 5ml/gal of Foliage-Pro to the HV soil plants.

I raised the DLI from 12 to 16.


Okay, today I gave up on the Harvest Organics soil…no growth at all after seedling. Strange. I dumped the soil and moved the tender plants to MG organic like the others that are growing well.



Day 24.

The two plants started in MG are growing rapidly. One still has odd yellow spots/patches, but it out growing the other. The one with normal looking leaves developed a few yellow leaves on the bottom, so I flushed today.

The two started in the Harvest Organics were transplanted a few days ago to MG soil. I thought one was going to not make it, but it is doing well (it still is very weak!). What a difference soil makes as these were all planted at the same time.


Normalish one:

Same soil, same light, same everything, but with yellow areas:

Two small ones that were transplanted into better soil after languishing:

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Topped the variegated one today at the 5th node.


Okay, so day 34.

Massive growth out to the variegated one. Also, I topped that one. It is clearly moving into flower.

The other, is not as advanced, but looking good.

The two that were sickly and not growing due to the poor soil, are thriving after a transplant.

The bottom right one stuns me that it lived as it was fully brown when I transplanted it from the poor “Harvest Organics” soil.

The back left one has some yellow on the tips of the leaves. It could be too much N or too little??? I just did silicone in today’s water.


Day 46.

The “ahead” plants are legging into flower fully. I have some yellowing on the tips due to feeding and some yellowing in the center of a few leaves. Based on others in this forum, I am lowering the ph of my water. It is 7.7 out of the tap and I am adding 1ml of white vinegar to a gallon that takes it down to 6.5. I am also adding a teaspoon of epsom salt to the gallon.

I am trimming at this point, eliminating some leave areas that are redundant.

The two that were stunted due to the poor soil were replanted a third time into 5 gallon buckets that I put on my deck during the day and bring in at night. They are looking good considering all the trouble they have endured. It is still too cold at night to leave them out all night, but soon (next week?) it will be fully spring here and they can go live on the deck and go wild.

On the whole, all four plants (five if you count the bonus seed in the smaller plant pot that I put in when I thought the original was going to die) are doing well.

My approach is to grow some decent weed for my friends and family that use it and not “perfect” plants. I think these will do well.

The next grow will build from these lessons (PH especially).


Day 49. Lots of bud.

Two in the tent have about maxed out the space. The light can’t go any higher.


You may want to consider moving the fan and filter out of the tent. I have the exhaust coming out of the top of my 2x3, and the fan mounted outside the tent. The light hangs about five inches from the ceiling, and has no problem with heat. This tent is only 64 inches high so the extra height is necessary.

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What @Ickey said :point_up_2:

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Funny, I was looking at the grow today and though I would move the filter out for the next one. I don’t think I can move it for this grow without risk of mucking things up.

I might be able to move it out now, but I think it would be more effective when I can get my big butt into the tent.

So I took some time to get the fan and filter out as I really needed more room. It was pretty painless.

My new humidifier came that integrates into my AC Infinity system as well. So much nicer than how I was doing it with my home automation system.

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My humidifier is supposed to be here Friday! Can’t wait!

I noticed on your prefilter cloth it’s pretty white with dust. I would make sure to use RO or distilled water to eliminate the white powder from humidifier. I’ve seen it ruin filters

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So that is where that stuff is coming from! I will switch to distilled then. I have lots.


Cool, it looks like you can still obtain a few more inches of light height. Seems like there is never enough headspace in a tent.
Don’t you love the quality of the AC Infinitely components? and the way that components are designed to work with each other? Nice looking humidifier should be large enough to get the job done.

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You are so right! Their gear is simply the best and priced well too. To get the light higher, I will need to ditch the pulley system and just put the hanger on the poles. I may have to do that. It is a 6’ tent, but man these things are topping out.

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I seldom use pulleys in the 2x3 tent, it uses too much height. I just attach the light to the light rails with S-binders. Actually I ended up doing the same with the three lights in the 5x5 also. It is easier to let to plants grow to the lights.

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Is that the smaller 4.5L humidifier? Mine is on order.

Indeed. It is the smaller one. More than enough for my tent. Took a while to get it.