Fans blowing on our plants?

I have 2 6” fans and a 10” fan in my grow room. One on my lights and the other two oscillating. I just rearranged them and only one is blowing directly on my plants at times while it oscillates. Plenty of air is blowing throughout the grow room, just not as much is hitting the plants directly. What’s everyone’s opinion’s on if fans should be hitting the plants direct and if so how much is to much?


All of my fans hit my plants as they accolade. That ensures a lot of air through the vanity and no worries of WPM.

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Yes direct. I like some leaf movement, probably less than others. Mine will be tied down so I dont care about sway for strengthening.

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I has 2x 6inches oscilllating fan blow at plant 24hr after week 2-3 veg from above angle

I has rh issue so keep them air circulate as much as the plant not getting wind burn

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VPD is another thing to pay close attention too. It can sway a bit from having direct air vs over and under air circulation. Here is a chart in case your curious…

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I personally have one down low, near the ventilation duct of my grow room in the floor that oscillates right in front of the vent and blows fresh air along the bottoms of my plants at the level of the dirt. The second one is a higher model that can be adjusted and it is oscillating around the level of my lights but at a slight upward angle so as to help get hot air towards the ceiling vent while also giving the tops of the canopy a light breeze.

So basically , yes. I think it’s important to have the fans directly on the plants lower bits to help circulate air and keep from any mold issues etc from occurring in the density of the foliage. Then i focus the top fans to either blow past them or over. A guy I used to grow with insisted that heavy fan wind directly on plants in veg was law but I think it was a bit drastic. He would whip them things around all crazy and I have to disagree with him in that one.