Failed seeds aren't growing

I’ve never seen cannabis seeds fail like this. I paid a lot of money for these seeds and I babied and coddled them for a month now - four seeds were planted a month ago. I put them close to the lights in the grow tent, moved them further away from the light; changed the number of hours of light vs. dark; stopped watering them; monitored them with a moisture gauge; put them under a dome.

And all they’ve done is this struggle to barely hang in there for a month now.

The feed back I’ve gotten is too much water, not high enough humidity - again, from what I can tell these manipulated seeds are so temperamental they’re going to fail much more than they’re going to grow. I hope that isn’t true but this expensive experiment has been a disaster.

These are weeds - again I’ve never seen cannabis seeds act like this.

Seems I was guaranteed seeds that will grow. I didn’t get that.


If I had to hazard a guess… Either too much water, or the soil is not compatible with cannabis. What soil is it?


Thanks for your feedback. I do appreciate you trying to help me.

This is my problem with these seeds I paid so much money for.

Since when do cannabis seeds need special soils, fertilizers, humidifiers and on and on?

These are weeds - I’ve never know cannabis seeds to not grow until I tried these seeds.

Again I do indeed appreciate your advice but I have a problem with all of this after the fact guessing, not with you trying to help me, but with these ideas that cannabis needs special anything.

This is not a commercial grow. I didn’t overwater; I followed the Marijuana Growers Bible to the letter, step by step. I did everything it told me to do to start my seeds and get them to the vegetative stage.

But they never grew, never thrived; when they didn’t I came on this forum and got advice and that’s what I was told - following the MGB advice I may have over watered the seedlings so I tried all of these other tactics. I left off watering and used the moisture gauge until the soil read in the lower range of moisture; they still didn’t grow. Then somebody said the humidity is too low or the temperature isn’t ‘correct’.

I lost one of the seedlings, now I’ve lost a second one and the last two I have little hope they’ll even survive.

At this point I can’t see any purpose in buying more equipment or specialized products or more of these seeds. Cannabis seeds should sprout and grow without special humidifiers, soils, fertilizers, etc. and the fact that they don’t is a problem.

I think maybe what I need to do after all of this is to ask Mr. Bergman to replace my failed seeds so I can try again.


Listen I just had the same issue. But my mistake was using the wrong soil miracle gro. I managed to transplant two of them into one gallon pots one of them didn’t make it the other one looks like it might. Now I started over with some Fox farm soil. I get your frustration though. Just a thought but maybe these plants have adapted and evolved to this higher quality which you won’t find growing out in a ditch somewhere and with the higher quality comes a little bit more coddling and talking to them whatever it may be versus throwing them in the ground and coming back to harvest and fall. Stick with it you’ll get it and don’t take offense to my opinion. It was just me thinking outside the box and sharing it

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Cannabis is a specialized plant. It is not a weed. So what is the soil your in? What is the PH of the water your using?


Yeah, if you have soil with too much nitrogen, you’ll burn the seedlings. Also over watering is a huge mistake.


@Djh1984 my last grow was miracle gro its not the best soil but with the right condition you can get through it with a nice yield


Thank you, I’ll look for that soil or one with the same nutrient profile and try again.

I realize these new cannabis have been highly specialized and genetically manipulated and that’s why I tried them, and I’ve gone to a lot of expense and trouble to create the correct conditions for them.

Thank you all for understanding my frustration; it is my first grow and I hope I can figure out


Just make sure not to feed the plants anything for a few weeks if going to fox farm…shot glass of water after the seed drop and then maybe a mist on the soil after it drys up for the first 7 days with 70-75temp and 70% rh i also suggest using double cups one clear for the plant so you can see how dry the soil is and one to put the clear cup in


What is the PH of the water you have been watering with?

I didn’t know what to do so I transplanted them. And then on top of that I

Think I have them too much light.

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Looks like overwatering in my opinion. Seedlings don’t require nutrients or a lot of water as they absorb moisture from the air through their leaves. I cover them from day 1 of breaking ground through day 14 with a clear solo cup removing daily for some fresh air and mist the inside of the cup. I water a shot glass of water every 2-3 days and remove the dome after 14 days and transplant :love_you_gesture:


Could you give more detail on how to water them before they surface and how to after they surface. My first run was a fail before it even got to the veg room. I got 4 that I just planted (after the tap root showed itself) in Foxx farm ocean forest. I literally have them each about 6 sprays with a spray bottle and have been checking on them 2x a day applying another 4 or 5 sprays when the soil gets dry.

Not all soils are the same. I bought this in spring for some garden planters around the yard to grow veggies. Got it at Walmart

I planted radishes in it early spring and they did exactly what your cannabis is doing.
It looks like great soil but it has nothing to offer the plants. I pulled up all the seedlings after a month. Radishes should be done and harvested by a month but this soil was crap. I will have to amend it for next season. Just illustrating that not all soil is good.
Add to that current cannabis seeds. Selective breeding of cannabis to produce high THC producing plants has had the effect of making the plant less “Weedlike”, so modern strains are far more particular about what they need to thrive. Here in Missouri we have wild marijuana/hemp that grows randomly. It is still a weed and thrives in places where not much else grows. But smoke it all day and all you get it bad breath. Here is an article about the topic in general.

Now your plant is not getting food. May be the soil itself, the pH of the root zone or water its getting, Its taking what little nutrients it can find and reusing them to stay alive.

It took me a year to learn how to manage modern cannabis successfully.
There are some strains and within those strains even particular plants that will thrive better than others. The other members will help with the problem, but I wanted to help you understand that this plant we all grow is no longer the same plant we grew from bag seed in the past.


To be straight with you , you dont have failed seeds as they Obviously germinated. From the 1st picts the soil is overwatered but the plant is not getting enough water up to this stage! Little to no roots at this point to take up water yet. They should have a “dome”

over them so the 1st set of leaves can obsorb moisture from the air as that how they get moisture before the 2nd to 3rd set of leaves. You mist the clear dome with water and place over top of plant.


You mentioned you planted the seeds, did you germinate them first?

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To be fair this is not the seeds fault. You should germinate one seed next to learn how it grows before you do three. Learn how to water, what nutrients are, what soil it needs, what’s ph and ppm, etc. this is, of course, if you want to grow decent good cannabis. I’ve struggled with just one, I can’t imagine three as a beginner. Also to me, the plant just looks overwatered. Good luck growmie!


:point_up_2: that’s how it’s done :love_you_gesture:


Didnt invent that technique, i did learn it here however.


My method and learned it here as well :love_you_gesture: