Fabric pots vs net pots

So i have always used the famous black plastic pot for a long time i bought one fabric pot this year and i do like it better for water drainage,but the to honest i still would like to have them dry out much quicker so i found this pot and was wondering if anyone have used them


I’d personally stick to fabric, I think the net pot would lose too much water during watering. I haven’t used them to be honest, but fabric pots are a tried and true method.


I live in the heat, too much ventilation for me. If it isnt broke, why try fix it? Fabric. #1

Im gonna give them a go see if it get me a better root system… $16 for a 4 pack of 10gal if they suck ill have 4 garbage bins…:rofl:


Looks see through and I would worry about root issues, algae being #1. Let us know if they work. Pics when the time is right would be awesome.


Im planning to uae them with soil but they are for hydroponic systems. Check out the link to their site. I looked at the pics and thought the same the pics of the roots looked yellowish but thick.:thinking:. I think it would be great with the air pruning thing