Experimental Outdoor winter grow

Okay In my envy for indoor growers (I’m outdoor) and because my outdoor season is gone.I’m going to see what a few plants will do…I had an accidental plant Love It...Or Leave IT! ,grown from buds I tore off a plant because Caterpillars got at them and threw in a clay pot that was sitting around my backyard not knowing they had a seed in them…and it sprouted and grew into a full plant buds and all…So.this time I’m going to purposely plant a few and see what happens.

I germed 3 - Two Autos and One Photo (by accident) I misread my label… :crazy_face:
1 Auto is an unknown either Mexican airlines or Afghan…again I cant remember which one I did :thinking:
the other Auto is Northern Lights…The photo is Blueberry (from a bag seed from a dispensary years ago)

11/29 I germed all 3
12/1 They “popped” tails
12/4 Planted in solo cups
12/6 all emerged from the soil

Lets see how they do ?


So youre going to grow these outside? Does it not get cold where you live?


Tagging along Grow Bro, what kind of temps are you experiencing :love_you_gesture:


@PhatPat Yes outside in a week or so once they get a lil bigger… @OGIncognito … Temps so far are mild they fluctuate no super extremes…for example it was high 60`s F morning fog that was just today it seems like a late cold/ rainy season this year so far… … today with a low of around 38-34 F so far …Accidental outdoor was I think January on and we had lows down to and past freezing 32F frost on a few days but since the planter was close to the house and the roof has a small overhang…AND a few nights that had frost advisory’s or sever cold I covered them with a plastic milk carton or what have you…so I "cheated " :astonished: a little… * I have a feeling that the Photo wont make it…well see?
Thanks for following…


Following, very curious. I left some of mine in the greenhouse, it git down to 28 but boy they are good now. 2 totes and i loved it


Always wanted to try a greenhouse or even a screened in patio type thing? Ive had some terrible experiences with Caterpillars but I do admit I havent tried the bio or plant safe methods of keeping them at bay yet either so…? Good to her your greenhouse girls were good smoke ! :+1:

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12/19 - They’re getting bigger…Think I’m gonna put them outside this week ?

Northern Lights Auto

Blueberry Photo

Afghan or Mexican Airlines( pretty sure now its Mexican airlines)…?
Top View :smiley:

The Roots

So thats that for now…
Its rainy now but I’m going to keep them under a covered patio that will get sun. Once they get a little bigger Ill put them in the same place the other " accidental experimental grew"… :face_with_monocle:
Thanks for tuning in growmies…


Healthy and nice root ball on those :muscle::muscle::love_you_gesture:


Okay Ive been through the Holiday season and am back…Here’s a small update on things…

12/21 Planted all 3 in Fabric pots FF Happy Frog and Mother Earth 70/30 coco mix…Pulverized egg shells Great White Mycho into seed holes…
1/15/24 First nutes “Jacks” along with Fishit and Tribus…
The weather has not been to freezing yet …a few mornings/nights we had a frost warning I brought them under a covered patio (kinda cheating I suppose :rofl:) Lows in mid 30`s to Highs of 65 give or take…Lately periods of rain which I dont cover them for.

  • Mexican Airlines The biggest girl of them all so far… :point_up: :point_up: :point_up:

Northern Lights… :point_up: :point_up: :point_up:

Blueberry Photo.(?) :point_up: :point_up: :point_up:

** Okay I got this seed from a bag from a dispensary…It said blueberry so I assumed the lone random seed was an Auto…But It has lil pistils already so I think its an Auto…Its very stunted and I think I see nanners… :astonished: Its still closed so I dont see any yet but well see…


*** Some Typos… On the description I said I put some Great White in the seed holes…Well I did but that was in the solo cups…I also did put it on the root balls when planting in Fab pots…
*** Also on the last part ( The Blueberry) I said I assumed it was an Auto…I meant I assumed it was a Photo :crazy_face: …And I’m not even stoned… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :rofl:


** 2/8/24**Okay folks… bad news…I have a boy! The one I thought is Mexican Airlines turned Male… :dizzy_face:…It was the biggest of the three…Oh well It was from this last season I only got one seed from that plant but like stated on this forum sometimes a plant even though a female may have a seed or two and you run the risk of producing a male …In some cases it didn’t happen …In this it did…

The Blueberry is very small …but at least female and the Northern Lights is female also…
They both are in flower about two weeks ago…Ill post picks soon…


Did you start the seeds in water or the solo cup and what soil is in the solo cup? Looks like your girls love it. Looking good!


Thanks @Mucluc Germ them in distilled water with a dash of Hydrogen Peroxide in a jar usually within a mere 24hrs they pop…Have had 100% rate with this method.Soil I use Happy Frog I used a dash of Great White in the planting hole wheres I dropped the seed and when watering was needed I use distilled water with a dash of Tribus and Fishshit…very very diluted though…


How long is the day length where you live? During February we only get light from around 7 am to 5:30 pm, not even 12 hours. But I did notice you mention warm temps where you live so maybe your day length is much longer.

Since 12 / 12 is the standard light cycle to make plants flower indoors (but I’ve also seen them flower at 13 to 15 hours of light) if your outside day length is less than 12 hours then you will probably get early flowers. They also may go back to veg when day length is long enough which is stressful and more likely to result in things like hermes. My plants that flowered prematurely last year also got torn up with bud rot but that may have been more of an environmental issue.

You could potentially bring them inside at night (like hardening off plants) and keep under a grow light for a few extra hous, or do that in a greenhouse tent or something.

I also use fish sh!t but not for sprouting. I do like Happy Frog but I mix it with Ocean Forest and Coast of Maine compost and amendments.

For sprouting I use Superthrive, Bonide Root n Grow, Ful Power, and Medina Liquid Seaweed. So basically a couple types of rooting hormones, micronutrients, and fulvic acid. Kelp/seaweed also contains potassium but it’s the micronutrients that are supposedly more beneficial for the germination. Also bonide root n grow contains some solid instant release NPK, basically some nitrogen and even more phosphorous. Most growers associate nitrogen with early growth, but that’s more true in veg than germination. Sprouting seeds it’s best to emphasize phosphorus as phosphorus is important for root growth. Originally I only associated phosphorus with flowering but it’s also important for very young seedlings.

I do use hydrogen peroxide sometimes but only if I begin noticing problems. I use some hydrogen peroxide if I notice any seedling pellets dampeni g off, or any other signs of fungal issues. I don’t recommend using hydrogen peroxide WITH fish sh!t because that seems contradictory. Fish Sh!t is a beneficial bacteria product, and hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria. So I suggest using one or the other. I created a thread on here about aloe vera and suspect aloe vera applied as a root drench may also harm beneficial bacteria (but also will fight against pathogens). Beneficial bacterias do seem to help plants stay more healthy, so with great microbiology the peroxide and aloe veras are not really needed all the time and might be counterproductive. Of course, aloe also contains micronutrients but is probably better applied as a foliar to avoid effecting the soil bacteria (unless you have a fungal problem) and the aloe contains saponins which make it particularly well suited to foliar applications.

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Oh wait, stupid me. Just realized this is about autoflowers, day length is irrelevant. Please discard my couple of paragraphs about day length in my previous response.

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:rofl: No problem…Yeah I’m just doing this as an “Extra”… Spare seeds and for fun…
Thanks for your input though!!
At least someone is kinds seeing my blog… :nerd_face: :rofl: :rofl:


Okay its been a few weeks now…The weather has been really crazy…High wind gusts…Lots of rain but not too much freezing cold ( El Nino Year!!)
What Ive noticed is the big delay in flowering and of course the stunted size of the two remaining plants…
Of course I didn’t expect much anyway…

**Here is the Northern Lights ** :point_down: :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

BLUEBERRY :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

  • The Blueberry is my little Willy Wonka “Violet Beauregard” Plant…Shes turning violet Violet :rofl:

Theres not much to it But its a fun thing to pass the time and still grow…I wouldn’t use Primo seeds to do
this every winter! .My outdoor season is just around the corner I usually germ beginning weeks of April and the ITS ON…!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :star_struck: :kissing_heart:

Hoping these girls will fatten up…It will be interesting to see what comes out of it.


I see you now Al. :joy:
Sorry the Mexican Airlines turned out male but the other two are looking great… especially that Blueberry. :star_struck::drooling_face::sunglasses::metal:t2:


Yeah Thanks @Shadegrown …Its so so puny small its cute… :rofl: If this was for Real id be pissed… :melting_face:…I HAVE had some Bonsai plants last season though…Ive got some new strains to try this season so I hope I have better results!!
thanks for chiming in!!


I’ve have personally yet to see the big autos they show on the seed bank sites.:joy:
I’m starting some in the next couple days and some first of May. They’ll be my first autos so I’m interested to see what they do. I’ll still be growing some photos as well. I currently have 3 photos wrapping up their seedling stage and will hopefully move outside in a couple weeks depending on weather. I’ll be watching to see what strains you’re dropping. :sunglasses::metal:t2: