Expanding grow operations..any advice?

Hi growmies!

I’m about to end my first indoor grow. 3x Barney’s Farm Biscotti Mintz in an AC Infinity 4x4 tent with an AC Infinity Ion Board s44 light. The plants are on their last two weeks or so of flower. I’m looking to add another combination and was looking for any advice on what I might be missing or should look at adding. This will be my first auto pot setup.

New setup:
AC Infinity 60x120x80" tent
AC Infinity Cloud line s10 Inline fan with carbon filter
AC Infinity 4x Cloud ray s6 6" oscillating fans
1 HLG scorpion Diablo x with uva light
1 HLG scorpion Diablo
Autopots Springpot xl 5g 8 pot system
AC Infinity controller 69 wifi
Coco coir pith with perlite and bottanicare cal mag for buffering.

I will be growing feminized photos in the big tent and possibly experimenting with some autos in the smaller tent.

Any thoughts on what you would be adding to the above setup? Who would you be looking at for Chem based nutrients?

Below is my current crop. This crop started on 11/1/22 and will finish around 3/12/23. The Ion Board light did well except for the outside perimeter where I just can’t get enough light.


If running 2 tents i would suggest a veg/mother/ clone jungle and a flower tent. You can run the autos in either one.
I have from time to time had an auto in my flower tent. No issue running them 12/12.

After a harvest, give the tent a wash down and then take some clones from plants in veg tent, move veg into flower tent, raise the clones in veg. Rinse & repeat.
As for nutes Jacks 321

I don’t know if any of this is feasible with autopots as i don’t use them



@Budsman, very good selection of wanted components. You must have done your research. I am envious of you.
I would recommend running Jacks with the AutoPots. It leaves no residues in the reservoir. Don’t know about the supplement you mentioned, but you use anything that has any organics. You will be cleaning the reservoir often. So far I have been doing well with just Jacks and silica.
Also I would recommend Canna coco very good quality. Hard to believe but Walmart has it cheap with free shipping.

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Here is what you need for Jacks 321. GrowGreenMi dot com is a good source for Jacks at a reduced price.

Yessir… Got the humidifier, heater and AC unit already to go.

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Thanks man… It’s been nothing but research for the last year.

The hlg lights were a given. After growing under this Ion Board I was a bit disappointed that I just couldn’t get the right amount of light I needed at the perimeter of a 4x4 tent. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great light and probably works well for a smaller space.

The autopots was a way to challenge myself since I’ve never played with any type of hydro system. I love the fact it’s gravity fed and requires no more of my precious electricity :rofl:. As well a 25g reservoir means I can stop worrying about watering/feeding on a daily basis and just enjoy the grow a bit more.

Lots of people seem to swear by the Jack’s stuff. I appreciate the direction and I’ll start looking into what it’s all about a bit more.

Once I get everything in hand, I’m going to start a new grow thread and would love to get some feedback/encouragement!

You will love the HLG lights. Probably much stronger than what you are used too. I would recommend that you start veg at 36 inch canopy distance.

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