Everything okay? First timer

Bought some seed and started indoors in 3 gal, pot. Had little clip on light to begin with. Went to hanging LED and grow tent.

Lost track of the week count. Starting to see flowerbudlets. However plant seems stretched but not sure. Let me know your thoughts


Better lighting will mitigate the excess spacing btw nodes.

Otherwise looking good. Welcome to the forum.


Give it all he light you can, and it’ll fill in nicely.


Welcome, nice looking grow.

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Welcome to the community new friend. Plants are looking good for first grow. Lights are one of the most important pieces of equipment that you need. What kind of light are you now using? Plants will stretch some in flowering stage. My first grow with no experience no plant training, weak T5 light and plants stretched like crazy. But I became addicted and improved enough by forth grow, from putting into practice what this group of awesome growers told me to do and my yield went from 2-3 zips to around 9-10. My goal is a lb next grow per plant. Here’s a picture of my first grow super silver haze, and my 4th grow super skunk. Good luck

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Thanks for the pics