1st time grower; 2 month update, how’s she doing?

I germinated this sativa June 1 and it sat on my windowsill for about a month before I noticed it straining for light, so I purchased a GE grow bulb and she immediately began shooting up. She seems healthy and I make sure the soil doesn’t dry out.

What should I expect for the next month and should I begin watering more often?



That plant is going to need much more light. It is still straining for light.


@Rollk1 you need to read al the grow guides you can process on the ILGM homepage, and then get a good light for indoor or move it outside in at least 5-6 hrs of direct sunlight as long as the days are over 12 hrs.

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Listen to @Holmes. It all seems very intimidating at first. As you go further into growing you’ll start to understand things much better. Good luck!

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@Rollk1 Welcome to the forum. Lots of knowledge here and people willing to share it!

As a newbie grower myself, I will add only what I have experienced and learned firsthand. First, I see you have 1/2 gallon pots from P4P, correct? I went the same route. I them had the same stretching as you are now having. I think it is misleading when they say just put in a windowsill. The plant gets deprived of essential UV spectrum light. Then the weak light I started with. All this equaled lots of stretching! I finally got a better light (still not a high quality one) it slowed the stretching but then got too tall for the grow closet. Had to LST the plant as it was less than 10" from the light.

Although they seem to be doing well, the combination of stretching, poor lighting, stressing them out at the beginning of flowering, and being in such a small pot, I have very small buds. However, they look great.

So, light is very important, as mentioned already. You can search the forum for threads discussing light option and recommendations. I think a quality beginner light will run about $250-$300, which I didn’t have to invest at the moment.

If height is not an issue, you can let her keep going. I would bring the light down lower to stop the stretch a bit. You may want to consider LST.

Good luck. Keep posted.

This is an Amnesia Haze. You can see the stretch and how I had to bring her down. This was a week or two into flowering so I was nervous to do it so late.

This is week 6 flowering: small buds - looks great.

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Thanks bud, appreciate the help. I’m using the smaller size P4P and agree it’s a little misleading; maybe I’m naive but based on everything I read from them I thought only a windowsill would be enough for a single plant.

I actually upgraded my light yesterday with a larger GE LED grow light (this one) but someone told me that’s still not enough to prevent stretching. At this point I may see how it goes while planning my 2nd grow more thoroughly

The 40W light will be okay for vegging but you need much more for the flowering stage (I have learned).

This light is often highly recommended - not sure your budget:

HLG Light

It is a little too steep for me at the moment, but I have learned that the two cheap lights I bought were not sufficient for the yields that you will see on other grows! Those monster buds need lots of light. If I had known, I would have purchased a much better light from the get go. Live and learn, right!

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