A pot for Pot - Amnesia Haze Autoflower First grow

Hello everyone,

I know this post will be long, I will try to give out as much info of what I’ve done and how I’ve tried to correct my mistakes. I still need your help!

This is my first grow, of anything from seed. I started small with a .5 gallon from a pot for pot with an autoflower amnesia haze seed. My intention was not to invest, as I thought it would be a one-time thing, and that it would grow nicely by my window. That has not been the case.

The seed germinated on May 15, 2020. I named it Dopey.

I followed the instructions from a pot for pot, and the pot lived next to a south-facing window, I am in the state of Illinois. It was a happy plant, but it started to stretch, quite a lot.
I bought some crapy lights on amazon, that were not 75W, they are about maybe 60W. My mistake.
I also started taking it outdoors in the morning and bringing it indoors for the night, I quickly learned not to do this as I stared noticing aphid looking bugs on my plant. I got rid of the bugs and sprinkled some diatomaceous earth and left it indoors. But it continued to stretch some more.

Here it is on June 11, 2020

It got to 14 inches, and it was only one month old.
(The support was for when it was outdoors, so the wind wouldn’t break it)

June 17 it started showing white hairs.
Rookie mistake, I sprinkled water on the leaves before turning on the LED lights. Those fan leaves are long gone.

I decided to “invest” on a canagrow 300W COB light, it was the cheapest efficient light I could find.
It made no difference, it continued to stretch.

I decided to move the plant away from the window, as I thought maybe having only once source of light would stop the stretch.
I also decided to feed it myco chum, following the instructions on the a pot for pot manual.

Today is July 6, and it is now 42 inches tall. Most of the foliage at the bottom has died, some I removed as the light was close to null below and to allow the plant to focus on the forming colas.

What now?
It is getting scary close to the light, but the leaves are not curling, and there is no sign of light burn.
I am afraid that if I lower the plant to the ground, it will stretch again and I need some space for the growing colas.

Is it too late to top it? Can it still be trained? Should I invest in “real” lights?
Whats did I do wrong besides… everything.


wow…never seen anything like that lol…but m
'm new to the game myself but can point out a few thing’s…ok first you should use just a regular house light for germination 60 to 100w bulb.and keep them close to the light covered(dome)type plastic rap or a solo cup on top

then when your plant it around 20 days old you can start LST like this

as far as what to do now ??? That’s a really good question…i would start over or send her into bud …get a cheap mars hydro 150 dollar ts1000 grow light to …it looks like you kept your light to high away from the plant too …it looks like your plant kept stretching to reach the light …make sure your light is around 24 to 36 inc.in veg and 18 to 12 in flower


Starting with the first seedling pic, light is either to week or to far away or both. That’s why the seedling stretched so tall ater that it was just not enough light and the plant kept reaching for it. Already in flower not a ton you can do now. I’d re stake it for support, put it outside in day light to finish. Get what ya can. You will need a better light and @dbrn32 is the one to help with that.


Too late to top it, can you raise light a little more?


First welcome to the community ! When you decide what size grow space for your next grow . you can get help here to choose the right light. To fit your budget. Your plant has done a super stretch. Finish it up and take a picture of it and you can look back on it one day. Good luck and happy growing.

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@HER While I am only on my first grow, I can only tell you what I did when my plant began to stretch and I was running out of space. There are so many knowledgeable and willing to help growers here.

My plants were about 1 week into flowering when I saw that I was getting low with space. I had two options, cut the main cola or LST. I had read so much about not training autos to training them early. I had not intended to do any training as it is my first grow. I decided to LST little each day to bring down the main cola. Plant seems to be doing well. I’m know almost in the fourth week of flowering and the buds look fairly nice.

As @dbrn32 asked, can you raise the light anymore?

If it were me, I would slowly and gradually bend her over a little to get her to the 12-18" threshold for flowering. Where I live, there are far too many aphids and mites, ask my rose bushes, for an outdoor grow.

You can see the stretch and how I brought down the main cola. This is Amnesia Haze Auto from ILGM.

Hope this helps a little.

Keep updated. Everyday is a learning experience. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Tazzie!

Thank you for taking the time to write.
I am not sure what you meant by sending it to bud, as it is already flowering and it is an auto. If it means something else, lemme know.

I did invest in a better light, a Mars hydro 600w. I don’t intend to have more than one, eer… maybe two plants at a time.

I didn’t wanna make holes on the ceiling or wall, that’s why I am using a garment rack.

I ended up getting a new light, but it is now too close to the top of the plant so I moved it to the side and added mylar around. I think is doing good.

Awesome…i think you will really like that light …cool…and know i have a photo period plant to …not sure of the strain cause i got the seed from a bud that a friend gave to me…but i do have 7 WW going and im germinating 2 northern lights 2 amnesia haze and a blue berry…good luck and hope to see some picks of your new grow

Yey! Yours looks just like mine!!
I don’t feel so alone anymore. Thank you for sharing.

What sort of light are you using? Or was using for this to happen.

Thank you for the advise, I will probably start slowly bending it too. As I have not seen any significant growth on the current colas and it has about 2-3 weeks left of flowering.

I have learned so much about lights since I began this journey. I bought a light from Amazon which I later learned was not very good and I should have invested in a slightly more expensive, yet much better light. That being said, I thought I had purchased a a powerful light when in fact the power craw is about 90W. That is probably the cause for the stretch. I am still using the same light and the buds are developing. They are small. I didn’t expect large yields since 1. this is my first grow; 2. I went with P4P 1/2 gallon set ups; 3. Made errors early in the grow cycle which undoubtedly caused stress and lowered yields; and 4. had to LST weeks into flowering.

All that aside, I am happy with the progress. However, nothing harvested yet. I took a look at trichomes for the first time with my own eyes and was astounded by the appearance of those glass-like structures! They were all very clear, so I have several weeks to go.

How is your grow going? Share some pics if possible.

Everyday I a learning so much. Happy I could share some of that new-found knowledge and experience.

Continued success!

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gosh… same happened to me with the lights.
I bought into the idea that a window still would be enough… alas. it totally wasn’t.

I will be harvesting mine next weekend.

Here’s my little tree as of today

Here is a closeup

and the yummy trichomes

I am still wondering how will I be harvesting since the flowers are so damn small.
I’ve only found information on how to discard popcorn nugs and their uses and why they form, but not so much information about their drying time and such.


Wow! That is some stretch, indeed! I think min was heading for that, but I did not have the space which necessitated the LST into flowering. She seems to be doing well with buds getting fatter each day although the buds are small.

What I am surprised by is that you have a lot of white pistils AND you seem to have cloudy trichomes!? What gives?

I have been trying to keep an eye on the hairs first then go to the trichomes after the majority have turned brown; this is what I keep reading. I know that each plant and strain are different.

So this was totally grown on a window sill? Drying should be shorter since the buds are smaller. Not sure about that though since I am new to the whole process. I think my Amnesia has about 2-3 weeks left. The hairs are becoming more and more brown each day! I did take a sample of a calyx and the trichomes were as clear as glass!

Good luck. Keep posted.