End of week 2 12/12 outgroing the tent

outgrowing the tent so i did something to slow down the stretch in the last week of stretch and hoping I didnt wait to long to do it.

I think I need a bigger tent lol…


If it was me i would do a heavy defoliation and it would slow the streach and give you some airflow .
I believe you’ll find the plant isn’t as cramped as it apears.
From what i can tell its a nice stuffed tent but all them giant fan leafs make it apear alot biger then it is.

My plant looked like that when it first started flower and look at it now. Its colas every where and not many leafs at all.
I stipped it in about week 3 after it streached…

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Like this?


They will stop soon. I dont see them going much more.

Looks good :+1: see you could fit more :wink:

I dont believe much more would have fit lol…I think I could have defoliated once more and not hurt the plant but its now 2 days from start of 4th week in flower so i dont think it would be wise to mess with them anymore.