Help! Plant overcrowded/Just flipped

Hey everyone,
This is my first indoor grow and I just flipped to 12/12.

My smaller plant is overcrowded since I didn’t top it like the other. I also screwed up and didn’t realize I fed her flower nutes early in veg n didn’t flush then because I didn’t catch it early enough. So needless to say her branches didn’t grow as they should and some are shorter than the canopy.

My question is, should I just cut a few branches entirely or just cut more of the fan leaves?

2x4tent, kind led x220, lotus nutes, FFHF soil
Right:Mota Hari

Any pointers would be appreciated!

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If you just flip then there going to stretch so you be able to open plant up light can get to bud sights


A good defoliation would help with air flow as well. I have two autos in a 2x4 I continuously take away fan leaves that are blocking air flow or light for the rest of the plant.


This is them after I super cropped the one on the right.


@JimWantsToGrow I cut a good bit of the fan leaves off…both plants actually.
I should probably wait like a week before I do it again right?

@Reed71 hopefully the smaller ones stretch out some more so they reach the outside better


A week between is a good waiting period


@Stellarjae Yes cut as you was saying is fine and you will get plenty of stretch out of them they double in size my friend happy growing