Dyna-gro or fox farm?

Hello! I was wondering which of these nutrients have you guys had the best results? I’m attempting my first outdoor grow and want it to be cost efficient since I just purchased the hero pack.


Get Jacks 321. It’s cheaper than any other stuff out there. I use it with great results. Same strength from seed to harvest. A lot of people on this forum have made the switch to Jacks, and none are complaining…


Yup 2 grows in and I’ve BARELY put a dent in my 25lb bags of jacks , it’s worth the investment imo(just did the math part a has 3145 doses and b would have 1/3 more). I recommend looking into a fish sh!t sample bottle , mr fulvic, Zeus juice, and maybe silica( if you might do coco)


Thank you! I’ve actually started to look Into jacks and it seems to be pretty good! I’m actually going to get some thank you for your input!


Thank you for your comment! I was trying to do the math as well on how long it would last me so this was helpful! I actually love using seaweed and silica for my plants!

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You can buy smaller amounts on eBay (and I think Amazon) as buying straight from Jacks you’re going to get a pretty large quantity.


I’m going to do 8 outdoor plants with 10 gallon fabric pots. So do you think a 2lb will be good enough?

I’d start with the 6lb size as you’re going to go through a fair bit of it with the number of plants and size of pots and see if you like it. By my rough math that’ll nutrify about 350+ gallons of water. Not sure what soil you’re using but I use FFOF which I don’t have to add nutes until flowering so mileage will vary.

Also, this is very helpful to get you dialed in with the correct amounts.



Ur gonna love how simple jacks is to use. Honestly I’d be better off finding where u can get the 26lb bags of part a and b and order them bags and any big box store by u should have unscented epsoms salts super super easy to use. U can make a strong bottle solution with all 3 where it’s mixed like ff nutes all’s u have to do is pour out so many MLS per gallon and mix. Lol.

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