Beginner in nutes

I have a AF LSH indoor 5 weeks in, 2 weeks into flower and it looks like my nutes from FFOF are wearing off. I was using liquid seaweed but reading that jacks 321 is prob the best.

With jacks 321 Is there a general feed schedule? Or is it trial and error in seeing how the plant reacts? I figured I’d start with feeding every other water to see how it reacts. I’ve got some yellowing of leaves starting.

Any use for liquid seaweed?

Thanks a ton.

For Jack’s it’s 3.6 grams part A, 2.4 part B and 1.2 grams of Epsom salt per gallon. You mix A in first, then the epsom, and part B last. I start at lower concentration but as far along as you are just go full strength IMO. If you see yellow tips then water it down a bit.


I use jacks 5-12-26 pt A and 15-0-0 pt B and epsom salt. 321 is easy, 3.6 grams pt A, 2.4 grams pt B, and 1.2 grams epsom salt thus 321.

Mix pt A with epsom salt first, then add pt B to the mix per one gallon of water.

I found by warming my water, it dissolves much faster, slways mix thoroughly.

I read lots of threads on nutes, there are thousands of recipes that work and provide fabulous grows.

Jacks to me is very simple for a first timer.

Good luck hope this helps.


Updated Jack’s feed schedule is 3.79A, 2.52B and .99ES


I use the standard 3.6/2.4/1.2. After about a week in flower, I switch to 4/2/1 to back the nitrogen off a tad and up the PK intake. That’s the beauty of Jack’s. You can adjust it easily, and it is very forgiving. Cheap as heck too. If calmag deficiency, bump up part B (calcium nitrate) and Epsom (magnesium sulfate) a bit.

Edit/add… i just started a coco and Jacks and will see how the updated feed schedule works at 3.8/2.5/1. Thanks for that info @Unexpected !!!

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“Cheap as heck too.”( sorry I dont know how to properly use the app and do quotes)
Ive been looking at jacks and the cost was my concern. This is good info to have, thank you. I have zero Idea of how much of the product gets used or how far it goes and was only concerned over the entry cost. Im wanting very much to switch over to an organic grow. would you say that jacks is beginner friendly? As far as ease of use for someone who is still learning. I use the fox farm 3 nute combo right now. it seems simple enough but Im not crazy about the chemicals. Thanks

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Gotta have a scale that does .1 grams but so far so good.

Biggest thing I don’t know is how much to feed so I’m trying it the first few days during water cycles and checking response.

I’ve read that you want to flush (just water) after every few or so…?

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I switched from GH Flora Trio to Jack’s for this grow. Counting the 50 pounds of Jack’s (25 each a and b) and epsom salt I have around $130 in it. It will last for years as opposed to buying a dozen new bottles every grow or two. If you can read a digital scale you can use it. It’s so much easier than using ten different syringes every time you water. All my runoff numbers have been perfect so far. You don’t have to flush regularly with Jack’s either. It’s just an all around awesome product.

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Thank you. Im going to give jacks a try. I have a .01gram scale that I have used alot when making vape juice. I nitrogen burned the hell out of my blue dream auto. Pretty sad about that And that was from what I thought waz a tiny amount of fertilizer. Anything that can be done for nitrogen burn other than dont add any more nutes?

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How often do you feed in flower?

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I grow in coco so I feed every day. If you grow in soil then im pretty sure you add nutes every time you water.

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I bought the smaller versions of jacks, that should last me for all of my days left on earth, and i am sure a miracle product guaranteed to increase your harvest by 8 0zs will be here soon, ill have to try that out putting jacks in the cupboard .