Drying weed 1st time

Is 72 degrees & 48percent humidity good for drying buds? It’s my 1st time drying this much weed


Good targets for temp & RH% are 60ºF and 60%RH with constant airflow. Not directly on the buds but swaying in the breeze so to speak. If those targets are not possible, then get as close as you can. You want the slowest possible dry over a 7-10 day period for best results prior to the cure.


The slower the better. Nice harvest!

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Lol still have 3 more plants not sure how I’m going cure them that’s a shit load of jars
BUT I’ll get it done
Growing my own is a lot of work but the weed is so much better than a dispensary


The best I can keep my drying perimeters at this time of year in my part of the country and with the equipment I have is between 60 and 70 for both temp and rh. I started drying my plants whole and still have to jar it at 5 or six days. Looks like some nice yield, growmie! :+1:

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Any idea ?
Do I have to use glass jars or can I use something else like zip lock baggies to cure?

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tough choices, 50 x1oz grove bags on sale or 50 mason jars?
Answer 12 mason and 50 grove (future storing too).
Partial to both methods GLASS/GROVE for safest storage during cure of 4 months.
Don’t go cheap on storing good weed.
Glass qt jars and do not stuff, same with grove bags
Have fun.

I am going to have about 4 lbs when i finally harvest i biught the 6 lb grove bag kit from Amazon for 50 buck

May want to try that i gave up on jars to much work


You can try Grove Bags. They make various sizes. I like them better than jars, but when I fill them all…I do use jars.


I’ve switched from 1/2 gallon jars to one & two gallon mylar bags for storing larger amounts.
Cheaper, you get a lot in, air & light tight, drop in a Boveda.

Makes good sense, but be vigilant, and use RH device too.